After allowing us to reminisce about our old barbie days with their nostalgic Malibu Barbie collab, ColourPop is launching another collection! Wow, do they ever rest? Guess not when they are always serving us with dreamy collections. This time, ColourPop shares with us a collection that is just So Very Lovely! Are you excited? Because Beauty Insider is just as excited as you are for their drop! But, when are they dropping this sweet new collection? Well, you’re just going to have to find out down below! 

This new collection by ColourPop is bringing you good vibes only with its boho-chic sweetness. Featuring a 12 pan colour palette, the colours offered jump from sweet pinks and purples, to hints of nude and red. The blend of soft pinkish hues and rich bronze tones make this palette more enchanting. Besides that, the palette evenly distributes 6 metallic shades between 6 matte shades! Perfect for creating dreamy looks that are bold. 

From all the sneak peeks we’ve seen on ColourPop’s IG feed, the So Very Lovely collection is giving off elegant vibes. Making it feel like it would suit the fairy aesthetic pretty well! Along with the eyeshadow palette, the collection also features 3 Creme Gel Pencils and 3 Super Shock Blushes. The Creme Gel Pencils can be great for creating different eye looks as they feature unique colours. With subtle shimmers, try on the shining Lattice, Crochet or even go bold with a zing of Macrame! 

Subsequently, your application of blush is just as important. Depending on where you apply your blush, it could give you different looks! For a sunkissed look, you’d definitely add some blush across your nose and cheek. For a lifted face, you’d probably apply your blush higher on your cheekbones! Now, to make your cheeks pop, even more, you’ll need the right colours. That’s where the Super Shock Blushes come in! Take your pick with shades of Voile, Georgette and Chiffon. 

Lastly, we can’t forget the lips! Choose from 4 lovely Lippie Stix to coat your lips in a dreamy richness. Featuring Nice Things, Sweet Stuff, Soft Side and Fab, you’ve got a pick of bolds and browns! If you can’t settle on one colour, mix and match to get a shade that reflects the real you. 

Now, I know you’re all waiting for the launch date, but wait, do you hear that? Oh my, Beauty Insider just got word that ColourPop’s sister brand Sol Body is dropping new products as well! While shopping for the new collection, get your hands on Sol Body’s Face & Body Makeup and Body Blending Brush too! With 12 different shades to choose from, the Face & Body foundation features a light-diffusing and creamy formula. Infused with skin-loving ingredients such as Vitamin E, Coconut Water and Papaya Extract, it hydrates and nourishes your skin. At the same time, it also provides medium coverage with a soft-matte finish, your skin will be looking #flawless! 

Alright, no more jokes, catch ColourPop’s So Very Lovely collection on the 20th of May. Sol Body’s Face & Body Makeup and Body Blending Brush will also be dropping on the 21st of May. Visit ColourPop’s website to get your hands on these new launches. If you want more deets on new beauty launches and trends, then follow Beauty Insider on Instagram and Facebook