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Create your own lip colour, foundation & concealer

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Despite the many many choices of lip colour available on the market, there are times when they just don’t hit the mark. Could be that we are yearning for a specific colour, or finding a nearly-there but not-quite shade. Take for instance a coral colour, a brand may have it too bright or too orange for your liking, or not with the finish you like, such as matte or satin.

Now there’s a solution in Kuala Lumpur! The Lip Lab from Australia has just opened its counter in the popular One Utama Shopping Mall. Kuala Lumpur is the first Lip Lab outlet in Asia. With the Lip Lab, you get to custom blend your own lipstick, lip gloss, concealer and foundation.

lip lab other products

The brand also sells other non-customized products such as lip scrub, lip pencils, scented candles and lipstick samples. The Lip Lab uses ingredients that are vegetarian, cruelty-free and free from parabens.  

lip pods

The Journey to a Customized Product

Once you have decided on which customized product, book a session. Each session takes around 30-45 minutes. The outlet is fashioned after a bar setting. Sitting on a bar stool, the consultation begins with a discussion on the product of your choice. They help you navigate the process, to design the product by you for you.

Customized Lipstick (RM180)


The consultants will use their lip scrub product to remove any layer of dead cells on your lips to get to your true lip colour. The consultants will also take you through the many ingredients. By determining which ingredients to include, you get to choose for your lipstick:


mixing colour

Mix pigments until you get the shade you want. The shade possibility is immense, from beige and nudes to pinks, to corals, to reds, to purples, or even to the trending blue. The consultant will work on the shade until you are happy with it.


You get to partake in choosing the ingredients for the lipstick. You could choose the moisturizing ingredients, or load up on the creamy texture.


How annoying it is finding the perfect shade but not in your preferred finish? You will not have this problem with the customized lipstick! Choose your favourite finish, be it matte, or gloss, or glitter.  

Flavour (optional)

For an additional price, you can add flavours such as cinnamon, Parisian rose and raspberry.


Name the Lipstick


Once decided, the consultant will make your very own lipstick on location, which will then be cased. You get to name your lipstick, which will be printed on a sticker for the bottom of the lipstick casing.

Customized Liquid Lip Gloss (RM95)

lip gloss

The process is very similar to that of making the lipstick. And like that of the lipstick, there is a wide range of shades in different types of finishes to choose from. You could end up with a liquid matte or a glossy colour with multi-floral complex or even glittering particles.

lip gloss in container

Customized Liquid Foundation (RM220)

foundation base

To get the perfect foundation shade too is a challenge. With the Lip Lab’s custom blend liquid foundation, you not only get to find your perfect shade but also to determine the other benefits that come with it. You could choose to include an SPF, or not; to include a colour correcting element, or not. You could determine if you want your liquid foundation to be sheer or to have full coverage; the texture of the foundation to be matte, or to include elements to add luminous quality. You could decide to load up on hydration ingredients and customize your liquid foundation to be a tinted moisturizer too! The possibilities are endless!

After you have decided on your perfect liquid foundation, Lip Lab will proceed to make the product on the spot and package it in a handy long cylindrical bottle with a pump dispenser.

Customized Concealer (RM130)

The process and benefits to get your perfect concealer are again similar to getting your foundation. You get to pick the shade, consistency, moisturizing elements and colour correcting properties to name a few. Certain areas may be of a different tone to the rest of your face. Areas such as reddish spots and scars; and the blue tones under our eyes require a different colour correcting element from the rest of the face. This concealer can easily complement a foundation from Lip Lab, or to stand alone for your existing product. It is in a handy packaging for portability.

the lip lab lipstick and packaging

Pictures Courtesy of Lip Lab Malaysia