Patterns and designs in the fashion and beauty industry have come a long way. From the basic cow printed, leopard, zebra and cheetah printed design, now it looks like the we’ve ready to welcome the cold blooded and the wilder side of the jungle. Introducing: Crocodile manicure designs, better known as the ‘’reptile-design’’. Whether you’re a big fan of reptile animals or absolutely hate them, you can’t help but to agree that these are absolutely stunning ways to display the unique and bold side of the nail tech industry. 

Taking cue from the details of a crocodile or alligator, this new manicure trend shows how your nail will mimic the appearance of the commonly scattered skin of the respective reptilian species. Feeling uncomfortable? So do we! But to be honest this kind of design or pattern can help to bring out the luxury side of your look. It ties heavily to an exclusive fashion statement… So why not, right? However, what’s interesting about this reptile manicure trend is that it literally suits every type of nail shapes—long, short, square, oval or stilettos. You named it. 

Without further ado, checkout these cold blooded and untamed new manicure trends that are taking over the internet—and without you realizing it, they’ll slowly creep around your radar. Need some inspos for this trend? Beauty Insider gotchu! 

Get To Know Reptile Nails 

When it comes to the designs, there’s no specific pattern to pinpoint, due to different reptilian species coming in different skin patterns. However, the one that’s currently on sensation is the simple three by three designs—a simple three lines will be painted on your nail bed, a complete scale will be coated on the centre row, and finished by half scaled on the either sides of your nails. 

What Are The Best Colours For Reptile Nails? 

Speaking of colours, there aren’t many preferences, though we suggest you opt for the less realistic shade range. Simply ask for one colour to be painted as the base and another colour to represent the scales. If possible, find two different colours but within the same family colour. In this case, you’ll be able to see how colours merge together, creating a perfect blend, just like how a crocodile skin would like. I mean, have you ever come across a crocodile that has a blue base and red scales pattern? No. Maintain the same family colour, but choose a two contrast shade range. You’ll look fierce than ever!

Which Nail Designs Suit Reptile Manicure? 

As mentioned before, any nail shapes would definitely nail this trend. But it would be better if you paire these designs along with a long acrylic nail. Because let’s face it, long acrylic nails layered in these bold and sexy manicure designs? Ugh, the power that it holds. You’d be unstoppable. Also, imagine scratching something while you have these nails on. Welp! Now that’s a beast. 

How To Create Reptile Manicure At Home? 

We know that some of you are still concerned about visiting your nearest nail salons to get your manicure and pedicure done but hey, at least you can DIY-ing at the comfort of your home. And it’s less expensive, too. First, make sure your nails and hands are entirely clean. If you like to, you could clean off your nails with a special alcohol wiper, made specifically in order to achieve a smooth base. Next, apply the first colour of your choice as your base coat. Make sure they’re even though because it’ll reflect the look on the latter. Take as much time as you need to dry them off. Next, onto the fun part. Once you make sure the base is dry, choose the second colour of your choice and grab a toothpick. Apply them evenly but not until to the extent that it’ll cover your first base—and then slowly and gently carve out the reptilian pattern that you like. Make sure the toothpick that you use is small enough to work its way around your nails, if not, it’ll mess up the entire nail looks. We suggest you ready a picture of reference that you would like to recreate. It’ll be easier for you to follow the exact pattern. Last but not least, wait until the paint dries off and finish them off with a thin layer of glossy coat on top. Wait another few minutes and tadaa! You’ll all set to unleash your wild side! But of course, if possible, we would prefer you book an appointment to the nearest nail salon to get the professional touch. As much as I believe some of you are creative enough, this reptilian manicure trend could take quite some time to mix around.


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