Insider 101: 5 Different Ways To Use Lip Gloss As Makeup From Highlighter To Eyeshadow

By: Balqis Ariffin / November 19, 2021
Categories : Makeup

Honestly, who doesn’t love lip gloss? As beauty junkies, we are highly obsessed with lip gloss and everything that comes with it. It is not an overstatement to say that the beauty world just simply can’t live without this highly rated product. Regardless of the beauty trends, whether it’s the 90s, e-girl or soft girl makeup look, lip gloss has always been the go-to product that people pick. It just adds that little extra oomph that people of all genders are looking for. With its high shine and juicy effect, lip gloss will magically transform your lips into a kissable pout. Trust us, you don’t want to head out to the door without a swipe of it. Although they may only seem applicable for the lips, this product actually does more than that. So, can you put lip gloss on your face? In case you haven’t heard, there are so many ways that you can use lip gloss as makeup from eyeshadow, highlighter to blusher.

Indeed, it is not only handy, but this product is a life saviour too. You can create full face makeup with only lip gloss if you don’t have any makeup products with you. Well, it seems like a legit reason to carry tons of lip glosses anywhere we go, right? That is absolutely good news if you are a lip gloss addict. To get you started, Beauty Insider aka your forever BFF has gathered all the essential info on different ways to use lip gloss as makeup. Whenever in doubt, just swipe the lip gloss on your face and you’re good to go. So, scroll down and channel that inner beauty aficionado in you!

The Different Ways to Use Lip Gloss For Your Face

1.Highlight Your Facial Features

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

With its shiny, gleam and shimmery finish, it is only right that we use lip gloss as a highlighter. Plus, in this way you can also save a few bucks than investing in a highlighter. The best part is that they deliver similar results like any highlighter you see on the market. However, do note that it merely depends on the formula of lip gloss that you use too. Simply dab the lip gloss on your cheeks bones and near the brow bones. Then you can easily blend it using your fingertips or beauty blender.

If you want to look extra ethereal and whimsical, you can apply the lips gloss on your nose and above brows as well. We recommend that you avoid using oil based lip gloss since it melts away easily and subsequently affects your overall makeup look. Therefore, this trick is more ideal if you opt for light and minimal makeup. Additionally, make sure to use a makeup base or blusher that is liquid or stick cream, whenever you want to try out this hack.

2.Blush Your Cheeks

Photo by Liz Breygel on Unsplash

Do you prefer cream blush? If yes, then this trick on different ways to use lips gloss as makeup is perfect for you. We recommend that you select a lip gloss that features sheer pink or peach shades as they deliver that gorgeous wash of colours that look natural. Before you proceed to apply, you need to identify the highest points on your cheekbones. Once you’re done, gently dab the lip gloss on the area and blend it will a beauty blender for a natural finish. Try not to over apply the lip gloss as it can look a bit dramatic and obvious when done wrongly.

3. Glossy Eyeshadow

Okay, we know this next tip is kinda famous but actually, it is still underrated though. If you ever find yourself out of eye makeup products, simply swipe a lip gloss and you will look utterly gorgeous instantly. Besides, it is the perfect alternative for those who do not have any shimmery liquid eyeshadows. One pro tip, make sure to use a lip gloss that delivers a balm texture as it can get quite gluey. If you want to create this wet makeup look, you can use your fingertips to lightly apply the lip gloss on your eyelids. Our advice is to not go overboard by applying it near the eyes, since it can irritate your eyes.

4. Line It With Lip Gloss

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

If you are not a fan of gleaming eyeshadow, you can tone it down by using lip gloss as an eyeliner. To make your eyes pop, you can use lip gloss that contains a glittery finish. Simply use a small eye makeup brush and apply it near the lash line. If you want to spice it up, we recommend that you apply some rhinestones or even glitters as a finishing touch.

5.Revive The Lippie

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

As much as we love matte lipstick, it can be quite drying and lack a shimmery finish. So, sometimes we end up ditching the products. Well, it shouldn’t be that way! You can simply combine the lippie with lip gloss to create a new look. Swipe a thin layer of lip gloss on your lips and then you can gently dab the lippie before you blend them. On top of that, you can also either start with matte lipstick first before adding the lip gloss. The key is to create a balanced ratio between these products until you get the consistency and colour that you love.

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