Diptyque Brings International Cities To You With Exclusive City Candles

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Covid-19 has certainly put a dampener on everyone’s travel plans this year. But good news! Diptyque Paris and Ken’s Apothecary is bringing international cities to you with their limited edition City Candle Collection!

Shelf game is strong with Diptyque’s luxurious City Candles

9 Mega-cities, 9 Unique Diptyque Scents

Each candle in this limited edition collection carries the name of a beautiful mega-city, and the fragrance and design perfectly encapsulate the heart and soul of each metropolis.

1. Hong Kong

The Hong Kong candle’s floral-vanilla fragrance is an ode to Hong Kong’s famous orchid tree. Outfitted in a striking oriental maroon jar with graphic prints of an orchid tree’s foliage, it’s a luxurious addition to any room in your home.

2. Tokyo

The scent of Tokyo brings to life an incense-filled memory of strolls on temple grounds under the shadow of Japanese cypress trees. Its harmonious design epitomizes the inimitable art of Japanese gardens like that of Yoyogi Koen and Shinjuku Gyoen.

3. Shanghai

Bringing the tradition of Chinese tea ceremonies to life, the Shanghai candle exudes glorious notes of osmanthus flowers with a subtle hint of green tea. Its decadent red lacquer jar is adorned with foliage in a brilliant blue porcelain shade.

4. Paris

At the heart of the Paris candle is the mysterious fragrance of Saint Germain with key notes of lavender. The gradient blue-grey jar with touches of pink represents the light of the setting sun in the Parisian sky.

5. New York

Ah, New York. Whiffs of vetiver, cedar wood and patchouli bring to mind the golden age of nightlife and enticing speakeasies. To add to its Gatsby-esque charm, gold art deco motifs adorn its vessel of midnight blue.

6. Miami

Fresh and exotic, the Miami candle houses tangy notes of citrus – a tribute to Florida’s signature dessert – Key Lime Pie. A fresh pop of green with white banana leaf motifs capture the sunny afterglow of the city.

7. Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills candle embodies the city’s lush gardens and palm trees with refreshing notes of lemon and mint. Its cheerful aqua and yellow design pays tribute to the famous Martinique wallpaper in the old Beverly Hills Hotel.

8. London

First and foremost, what comes to your mind when you think of England? For us, it’s flowers, gardens and afternoon tea. If you’re looking for something sweet and whimsical, look no farther than the London candle. Its floral notes include that of heliotrope, lilac, juniper and hyacinth.

9. Berlin

Finally, we’ve landed on the borders of Berlin. The bold aroma of blossoming linden trees and honey will instantly transport you to Germany’s timeless capital of style and prestige. Its green and gold vessel is an homage to the 18th century Brandenburg Gate, an unforgettable emblem of olden Berlin.

Available At Diptyque And Kens Apothecary Malaysia For 10 Days!

These city candles are usually only available exclusively in their respective cities. And that’s what makes this collection just that extra special. It’s a gift to take flight and experience foreign lands through olfactory means, all in the comfort of your own home and city.

Want a City Candle of your own? Diptyque’s City Candle collection is available for a limited time of 10 days only from 17th to 27th September 2020 at all Diptyque boutiques and Ken’s Apothecary outlets in Malaysia.