With the COVID-19 spreading quickly in Malaysia, it is important to stay at your and be safe. Salons are also urged to close by the government which means its up to you to groom your locks. Beauty Insider is here to teach you how you can cut your own hair in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Are you determined to cut your own hair? Are those split ends bothering you too much? Well we understand your struggle and it would probably be a while before you would be able to visit a salon again. Therefore, here are some tips and tricks on how you can cut your own hair including tools, techniques, and preparations.

Have the Right Tools to Cut Your Own Hair

The first step is to have the right tools. Using a pair of kitchen scissors may end up a nightmare even if you think all scissors work the same. The truth is, cutting your own hair would require a good set of scissors that will cut your hair nicely without leading to any accidents or undesired results. Ensure that the tools you use is sharp to avoid a crooked cut that will be hard to fix. If your cut ends up crooked you may have to end up cutting it shorter than you desired in the first place. Sharp scissors allow you to be precise and exact when cutting your hair, therefore you’ll end up with clean lines and edges, mistake free.

Some places to get the best hair tools in Malaysia include Hair Depot, Shins Malaysia, Haircare2u, and Hair World Online.

Begin with Clean, Dry, and Styled Hair

You might be confused with this advice because in most cases, your hair stylist will wet your hair first before cutting it. However, in the case of when you cut your own hair its best to do it while your hair is dry and styled the way you love most. The reason behind this is to ensure that you are aware of the end product during the process. If your hair is wet and not styled yet it is possible that it won’t look the way you think it would after you’re done cutting it.

Your hair tends to appear longer than it usually would when its wet. So avoid any surprises from cutting your own hair when its wet; such as how much shorter it really is when it dries. At the end of the day, it is important, whether or not your hair is dry or wet while cutting it, that you shampoo and condition your hair prior to the cut. This is to avoid an uneven cut from your hair sticking together due to the oiliness and other factors.

Begin the Cut with Small Snips

Now that your hair is dry and styled, start snipping but make sure you start small. You don’t want to snip off a huge part by accident and end up having to fix it with an undesired hair cut. Cut small sections of your hair first to the length that you want. This way you have full control of the length of your hair and can avoid unfix-able mistakes. Remember, you can always trim your hair some more but it’s definitely not a possibility to reattach your hair.

Parallel Snip with Your Scissors

Now it’s time we actually start snipping. If you’ve gotten your hair cut at a salon before, you probably would’ve noticed their snipping technique. Imitate this technique by pulling the hair straight upward with your fingers. This way your hair length is even overall when you cut. Next, place your scissors parallel to the hair peeking through and cut the hairs vertically instead of straight across. This cutting technique is common among professionals because it gives a more diffused finish to your hair ends.

If you’re having trouble following this, there are plenty of Youtube tutorials that will provide you with a thorough demonstration.

Be Mindful When Cutting Bangs

Cutting your own bangs can be tricky. On top of that, bangs are right in front of our face so it shapes our whole look. It’s nearly impossible to hide an awful bang job. No matter what kind of bangs you desire, it is important you cut it with caution. The twist trick is one of the easiest and most common DIY bangs trick that will make your fringe look like its done by a pro! Take a look at the video below for a demonstration on how to master this trick.

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