With the ‘skinification’ trend in hair care igniting in full force, the time has come to shift our attention to our precious tresses and scalp too. For the uninitiated, ‘skinification’ has triggered the emergence of hair care products that feature advanced formulations of skin care. Think vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, Bio-Q10, niacinamide and all of the goodness that you have been slathering on your face. 

Even though a weekly salon visit or even never-before-seen innovations can help, getting luscious hair simply starts in the shower. Enter Dove Hair Therapy Range, a newly launched hair care line that is exquisitely crafted with a proprietary blend of skin-loving elixirs. This top-of-the-range collection encapsulates benefits that can target numerous hair concerns at a cellular level, ensuring stronger and healthier-looking tresses in just the first use. With its impeccable formulation, the Dove Hair Therapy Range is so good that you will literally ditch your other hair care products. 

Introducing the Dove Hair Therapy Range


The Dove Hair Therapy Range line is augmented with high-performance skin care actives and Bio-Cellular Complex. It comprises three distinct product lines: Breakage Remedy, Sensitive Scalp Care and Pro Age: All in One, which are expertly formulated to address the underlying causes of various hair problems effectively. 

Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Remedy


The vitamin C is the crux of the Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Remedy collection, as it restores the strength of each hair strand while replenishing moisture loss. Its ground-breaking formulation ensures 99% less breakage from the first application for fuller, stronger and longer-looking hair.

This collection not only boosts hair radiance but also fortifies fragile, damaged and brittle hair. However, the formulation works beyond delivering the hair of your dreams. It boasts a medley of aromatic fragrances including fresh florals, creamy coconut and rich vanilla, which envelop the hair strands with a dreamy scent of tropical lush. 

Dove Hair Therapy Sensitive Scalp Care


Although hair is touted as the crowning glory, the secret to a healthy mane lies in the condition of the scalp. If you have been suffering from signs of dry hair and a sensitive scalp, the Dove Hair Therapy Sensitive Scalp Care is the answer to your prayers. This range is steeped in highly concentrated hyaluronic serum, a moisture-locking power that gently cleanses the scalp while intensely hydrating the skin to alleviate dryness. 

The Dove Hair Therapy Sensitive Scalp Care line has undergone dermatological testing, preventing the risk of irritation. Its rendition of formulation also comprises a cocktail of bergamot, orange and clary sage which imparts a burst of refreshing fragrance that lingers for hours.

Dove Hair Therapy Pro Age: All in One


The Dove Hair Therapy Pro Age: All in One line is an exceptional work of art that can transmute age-depleted locks into fuller and healthier instantly. Formulated with Bio-Q10, this hair-boosting ingredient is brimming with three significant benefits that nourish for two times fuller, thicker and healthier hair. 

This line was tailored especially for people with lacklustre, flat or brittle hair. In just one usage, it coats the hair with a lovely scent of rose petals and rich vanilla orchid, while sheer wood imparts a warm woody fragrance. Needless to say, it smells utterly divine. 

Premium Formulation That Nourishes The Hair At Cellular Level

Bio-Cellular Complex

The Dove Hair Therapy Range is a power-packed line that is teeming with Bio-Cellular Complex. Developed from a blend of two high-efficacy active ingredients, it permeates deep into the hair’s cellular structure to strengthen the internal bonds, repairing the damage in just one application. With such innovativeness, these hair care products unveil a new approach to regenerate and strengthen the hair cell by cell. 

Skin-loving Ingredients With Clean Formulation 

The Dove Hair Therapy Range, a class on its own, captures the essence of skin care-grade formula through the use of highly concentrated active ingredients. Each of its product lines boasts a concoction of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, Bio-Q10, niacinamide and glycerin

These pivotal  ingredients provide numerous benefits including reducing 99% of breakage and deep nourishment for the hair and scalp. Its high-quality formulation is free from all of the harsh ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, BHT and BHA, ensuring that irritation is just a distant dream. 

Discover Dove Hair Therapy’s Revolutionary Dual Conditioner 

The revolutionary first dual conditioner with a patented transparent serum conditioner is another hallmark of the Dove Hair Therapy line. This two-in-one product houses Bio-Cellular complex and vitamin C to deliver strengthening, revitalising and reviving benefits. 

The dual chamber conditioner is innovatively designed with a half-moon cap which makes application effortless. The cherry on top – it offers the effectiveness of two solutions in a single simple step to repair damaged hair in just a minute.

Impeccable Results That Work Beyond

The Dove Hair Therapy range is certainly your soon-to-be-favourite as it reaps the benefits of skin care properties for your hair and scalp. Its remarkable nourishing properties combined with cellular regeneration capabilities result in stronger and smoother hair after only one usage, heralding its uniqueness from other products. Whatever variants you select, the Dove Hair Therapy line will certainly make everyone envious of your long, luxurious tresses.

Purchase the Dove Hair Therapy Range Now!

The Dove Hair Therapy range, which comprises Breakage Remedy and Sensitive Scalp Care is available at Watsons and Guardian. While the Pro Age: All in One is available exclusively at Watsons. The products are priced at RM35.90. Click here for more details and information on the Dove Hair Therapy range. 

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