Whether you’re a skincare newbie or skin expert, you might have wondered at least once; “Can I layer multiple serums on my face?”. Thanks to Wardah and Dr Inky we have finally found a solid answer.

Dr. Lim Ing Kien, also known as Dr. Ingky, is a dermatologist with millions of followers across his social media platforms, primarily TikTok and Instagram. This social media sensation is well known for the inventive videos in which he imparted his wisdom and familiarity with skincare. In addition, Dr. Ingky founded Medii Skin Studio and SkynFyx – hailed as the first digital skin clinic in the world. Alongside Wardah, Dr. Ingky has shared about the Art of Layering Serums using some of the brand’s best selling and well loved serums. Without further delay, let’s get to the good part!

How To Layer Your Serums

Many of us seek multiple benefits from our skincare. However, most serums often provide one or two benefits only. That should not limit us though! Thankfully, Dr Inky has confirmed that using multiple serums in a single skincare routine is totally doable AND even encouraged. Serums are lightweight and seep into the skin with ease hence even the oiliest of skins can join in on the Art of Layering. The question is how?

Well, there is an easy way to find out. Take out a small tray and place a single drop of each serum in a line on it. Then flip it to the side. The serum that falls to the effects of gravity first, is the one that should be applied first, followed by the second, third, and so on. Simple right?

Another tip shared is to check your serum’s oil content. If it is an oil serum, that goes on last as it is most dense and putting it first will prevent the other serums from fully soaking your skin.

Once you’re done with your serums, follow up with a moisturiser and sunscreen (during the day). And you’re all set!

Wardah The Serum Expert

To help you get the most out of your skincare regimen, Wardah Beauty has created The Serum Expert, a collection of serums that are appropriate for a range of skin requirements and issues. Your skin objectives have never been simpler to achieve!

Are your Wardah serums layerable? Yes of course! The art of layering serums is a skincare tip that helps you to get the most out of your routine in no time by using up to two different serums to target your most important skin issues. Based on your desired skin objectives and outcomes, such as hydration boost, skin firmness, fighting acne, and natural radiance, The Serum Expert helps you select the best Wardah Beauty serums. Each Serum Expert serum’s active components have their own unique perks, such as enhanced niacinamide for skin brightening and peptide to prevent premature ageing in people of all ages.

The Serum Expert range includes: 

  • Wardah Hydra Rose Micro Gel Serum
  • Wardah Crystal Secret Dark spot & brightening Serum
  • Wardah Lightening Serum Ampoule
  • Wardah C-Defense Serum
  • Wardah Renew You Anti-Aging Intensive Serum
  • Wardah Acne Care Serum

The entire Wardah Beauty Serum Expert line is available at all major Watsons and Guardian stores in Malaysia, and online at their  official Lazada and Shopee e-stores.