Emina, a renowned beauty brand for teenagers hailing all the way from Indonesia, is now available on Shopee, TikTok, and Watsons, a major health and beauty care chain.

According to Clarissa A. Gunawan, Group Head of Emina Cosmetics said, “Emina has positioned itself as one of the leading skincare and cosmetics brands for teenage girls in Indonesia. This is simply because we understand them – their skin and their beauty goals. We are excited to be bringing our expertise in teenage skin to the Malaysian market to become every girls’ beauty bestie, through our stellar line up of products. While we’re at it, we look forward to instilling Emina’s playful spirit across the country.” 

Emina offers an extensive range of Halal-certified skincare collections that include the Bright Stuff, Bright Stuff for Acne Prone, Ms Pimple, Skin Buddy, Aloe Vera, Sun Battle and Lip Care series. What’s more, this cult-favourite brand offers a diverse range of cosmetic products such as Glossy Stain, Magic Potion, Creamy Tint, Lip Creamatte, Cheeklit Cream Blush, and Cheeklit Pressed Blush and many more. So besties, get ready to be spoilt for choice! 

Emina Skincare Series 

Emina Bright Stuff is its star collection, which is specifically designed to brighten dull looking skin. The range includes a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, mask and micellar water. 

The Emina Bright Stuff is expertly formulated with a concoction of summer plum extract and a double brightening agent that has been clinically proven safe on skin. Apart from brightening dull skin, the skincare range also works wonders to moisturise the skin while protecting against pollution. 

“When it comes to skincare, we believe that teenage girls have it the toughest. Puberty hits and brings with it a vast array of skin troubles such as acne, dull skin, dry skin and so on due to hormonal changes. Many girls become uncomfortable as these changes affect their looks and consequently their self-esteem. At Emina, we understand this and wanted to create products that would help teenage girls through this struggle. This is why we developed our Emina skincare range with a gentle and effective formula that is scientifically developed to be just right for teens,” shared Clarissa. 

Teenage Skin-Friendly Cosmetic Lines

Emina is also known for its top-notch range of cosmetic products and beauty tools. Apart from their affordable price tags, the products harness the power of quality ingredients with lightweight formulas, allowing their teen users to look fresh and feel confident.

Its glossy lip tint collection encapsulates the fun and cheerful personalities of teenage girls. With its easy-melt gel texture, the Emina glossy lip tint series accentuates the lips with a subtle hue for long-lasting perfection. The collection is enriched with natural beeswax, and vitamin E-rich ingredients such as avocado oil and apricot oil. It is available in five cute shades, namely Autumn Bell, Candy Rain, Spring Dazzle, Apple Shower, and Peach Sprinkles. 

Emina’s products are now readily available online and offline at Watsons, Shopee, and Tiktok Shop, with teenage-friendly prices ranging from RM6 to RM35.20. Visit Emina’s social beauty playground on Instagram and TikTok to stay updated on the fun activities and attractive offers.

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