As trends in the beauty community come and go, our skincare routine is constantly changing as well. As we continuously discover new trends in health and wellness like clockwork every year, sometimes it’s better to take a step back. So let’s rewind the clock and rediscover an age-old beauty secret that’s been around for thousands of years! Because this might just be the skincare tip we need to keep our skin glowing radiantly. 

As you would keep an eye out for Selener, keep your eyes out for EMRYS! The hottest and newest homegrown brand in town. They are on the hunt to reinvent skin TLC, with a little deep exfoliation. Committed to helping everyone achieve radiant-looking skin, this local brand offers a Turkish bath experience in the comforts of your home by using a silk exfoliator. A ritual that has stood the test of time dating back to more than 2,000 years during the Roman Empire, EMRYS is bringing it back better than ever! So, take a look with Beauty Insider as we discover this age-old beauty secret that might solve all of our woes. 

Exfoliate With EMRYS Turkish Silk Exfoliator


What’s a crucial step in skincare that we tend to neglect? Exfoliating! Most of us tend to think that exfoliating our skin constantly is either a hassle or unnecessary. How many of you are guilty of only exfoliating during spa sessions you attend once in a blue moon? We definitely are. But, exfoliation is actually an important step in cleansing our skin. Not only does it help get rid of all the gunk and dead skin cells built up from the day, but it also rewards us with glowing, smooth skin! You wouldn’t want your skin looking dull and dirty right? So if you haven’t, you should DEFINITELY start investing in exfoliating products now.

While there are a plethora of chemical products to help with exfoliating your skin gently, there are plenty of physical tools as well. Whether you prefer chemical or physical exfoliation, EMRYS Turkish Silk Exfoliator is the perfect physical exfoliating solution that doesn’t irritate at all! A product to die for, it offers simple yet hands-on exfoliation that is literally soul-purifying and leaves you feeling revitalised. Like a snake shedding its old skin, you’ll come out feeling reborn!

Putting their customers first, EMRYS offers two options – Original and Vegan, both of which are free from harmful manufacturing processes and dyes! The material used comes in its natural colour as well depending on the season of silk harvest, ranging from beige to salmon pink. And if you are trying to figure out which works better, you won’t! There isn’t much difference between the two other than one is made from plant-based silk. With no difference in terms of efficiency and functionality, they work equally the same, and are just EMRYS’ thoughtful ways of catering to customers’ values and preferences! We love a brand that cares!

Why We Love It

If you are thinking of getting a hassle-free exfoliator, EMRYS Turkish Silk Exfoliator is the obvious choice. Why? Besides its numerous benefits, it is also water-activated! Yup, you read that right, you only need water to use this physical exfoliator made of silk. No need for shower gel, unnecessary products or scrubs! Clearly, you’ve been missing out if you haven’t tried it yet. And hello? EMRYS Turkish Silk Exfoliator is an eco-conscious alternative to plastic loofahs, which is a win for us! What could be better than an exfoliator that offers better results and doesn’t shed microplastics into the environment?

How does it offer better results you ask? Besides removing the build-up of dry skin effortlessly so your skin doesn’t look dull, did you know it also boosts the skin’s renewal process? Thanks to the unique weave of the silk, it works to deeply exfoliate the body, revealing healthy layers! What’s more, it even helps to unclog blocked pores instantly and encourage oxygenation of the skin. So if you think you have been exfoliating right, it is time to make a switch. Those with problems involving ingrown hairs will also be pleased to know that EMRYS Turkish Silk Exfoliator helps in preventing it as well! So say hello to smoother skin and goodbye to any appearance of scarring. 

With body care being all the rage, the constant exfoliation will clear dead skin cells from your body, and thus enhances the absorption of your skincare. Ensuring your body steps out of the shower looking healthy and brighter!

How To Use EMRYS Turkish Silk Exfoliator

So easy to use, that everyone can use it! All you have to do is take a warm shower or soak in your tub for 10 to 15 minutes. This helps soften your skin, allowing you to exfoliate better. After pulling away from the water, wet the glove and squeeze out any excess water. With the glove still damp, massage your skin in sweeping motions. The gist is that the silk threads swell up to create a tightened grip when the exfoliating glove is wet. Which will also create the friction we need to slough the dead skin off our skin! Once you’re satisfied, just wash off the skin peels and you’re good to glow!

Just remember to avoid lathering with shower gel and exfoliating under running water. EMRYS also recommends using the silk exfoliator once a week consistently to see significant results in a reduction of scars, ingrown hairs, pigmentation, and stretch marks. Wait, did we just mention once a week? Boy, a body care routine has never been easier!

Say Yes!

So who should use this product? We’re calling it now and saying EVERYONE needs to get their hands on EMRYS Turkish Silk Exfoliator! If you’ve got sensitive skin, don’t worry! Thanks to its delicate texture, it is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. EMRYS believes that you don’t need gritty and harsh textures to exfoliate, so their products offer a gentle experience. Unlike most body scrubs, EMRYS exfoliating gloves don’t cause microtears. So anyone who is a skincare enthusiast is welcome to use this silk exfoliator! Apart from Malaysians, EMRYS has garnered a following and support from neighbouring countries like Singapore and Brunei as well. Talk about international! Although EMRYS focuses more on catering to women, their products are meant for everyone and plenty of guys have enjoyed their products too. 

So, we recommend everyone to try EMRYS Turkish Silk Exfoliator! Upon using EMRYS Turkish Silk Exfoliator constantly, expect to see healthier and smoother skin. As well as lesser ingrown hair, fading scars and the appearance of strawberry skin! A true wonder product, be sure to check it out on their website, and follow EMRYS Instagram for all the latest updates!

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