F202, The Gardens Mall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, KL 59200

Beauty Gene Professional

Beauty Gene Professional is the first salon in Kuala Lumpur to develop eyebrow-styling techniques specifically for Japanese facial shapes. In hindsight, they realized that their techniques alone will not bring out the best satisfaction of their customers, so they developed the salon’s atmosphere, the beauticians’ hospitality, how well they knew each customer, and how much they can cater to her needs! The Beauticians at Beauty Gene make the following efforts to ensure that each minute you spend with them all is delightful, satisfying, and that your experience is a luxurious, relaxing one.

At Beauty Gene, you’re welcome to request for your preferred stylist, and all salon chairs use all-over Tempur cushioning that are custom orders so that you’re able to truly relax during the time you spend with them. And you’ll be able to rest assured as Beauty Gene only uses additive-free products, which cause minimal damage to the skin.