Introducing Juno, the hair maestro extraordinaire, with a mesmerising career spanning over 14 years. This mane magician has dabbled in all things hairstyling, from fashion to TV commercials, magazines to runway shows. He’s rubbed shoulders with fashion royalty like Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and more, making the world his glamorous playground. Not to mention, his magical touch has tamed the tresses of countless celebrities and actors across China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Oh, and let’s not forget his rebellious escapades, leaving his mark on the pages of Vogue (China), MilkX (Hong Kong), L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, and a plethora of other glossy icons. With each snip and style, Juno breathes life into locks, never settling for the ordinary. He’s forever on the prowl for the freshest styles to set hearts ablaze. So brace yourselves, because Juno is about to unleash a fierce and fabulous hair revolution that will leave you utterly spellbound.

With his recent collaboration with mise en scène, Juno Ko is ready to spill the beans on how the brand’s latest launch has elevated his hair styling game! Read the full interview (you don’t wanna miss this one!) :

Interview with Juno

What is your signature style or approach to hairstyling that sets you apart from other stylists?
There are many things that make a hair stylist unique. A stylist should pay attention to details such as face shape and hair texture to create a cohesive look. It is also important for a stylist to have work passion and genuine desire to help others look their best.

Can you describe a time when you had to create a unique look for a celebrity or high-profile client? How did you approach the challenge?
The key to creating a successful and unique look is to be creative, to have the ability to communicate and adapt to a customer’s needs. Once I have discussed with the customers, I will try to find a hairstyle that fits their personality.

In your opinion, what are some upcoming hair trends that we should be paying attention to in the fashion industry and how does a product like the mise en scène’s all-new Perfect Styling Range fit into these trends?
Hair and fashion go hand in hand. Well groomed hair will give a person confidence to carry out any fashion styles out there. There are so many hair trends and techniques out there. One of the hair trends that I would consider is classic, well-groomed, natural, curled hair that would never go out of style, and the mise en scenè’s Perfect Styling range is designed for that purpose. I like how their new Curling Essence 2x Natural Curl is designed to help enhance hair texture, hold their curls and waves in place and if used well, can create a rather feminine and romantic look that is highly desirable.

Have you ever had to improvise or come up with a creative solution on a shoot or set? How did you handle the situation?
As a stylist, I have to always be adaptable and creative. There are many instances where I had to improvise and come up with creative solutions, and the best way for me to do it is to first identify the challenge on hand (i.e. How to maintain curly hair in humid weather). Next, from my vast hair knowledge, come up with a creative solution that fits the situation (i.e. Do I use a styling product like the mise en scène Curling Essence 2x Natural Curl to maintain
curling strength?), and then identify a solution to allow them to create beautiful looks.

Can you tell us about a time when you had to work under pressure to complete a project? How did you stay focused and deliver a high-quality result?
Similar to any career or situation, it is very often when I have to work under pressure to deliver a hairstyle that fits a situation. This is where it is important for a stylist to be adaptive, consider multiple scenarios and consider and plan for any unforeseen circumstances that may take place during the course of an event or shoot, and from there, focus and deliver results under any circumstances that arise.

What is the most unusual or challenging hair request you’ve ever received from a client or creative director? How did you approach the task and how would the mise en scène’s all-new Perfect Styling Range be used for that request?
The mise en scène Perfect Styling Range is great for boosting the hair’s volume and texture while keeping it manageable with long-lasting results, allowing for a wide range of versatility in terms of usage. With the help of the light cream texture of mise en scène’s Curling Essence and a touch of the Perfect Styling Serum, I managed to recreate a look that my client wanted to achieve very easily. At the same time, I could be sure that while using heating tools such as curling tongs, my client’s hair retained its moisture and was protected from the potential damaging effects of heating tools. The finished look held very well throughout the day and had a natural and glossy finish.

How does the mise en scène’s all-new Perfect Styling Range change the game of hair styling for you?
For a hair stylist or anyone who styles their hair frequently, the mise en scène Perfect Styling Range can enhance their workflow by providing the ideal combination of products that work best for their hair. The range includes a variety of products, each with a unique formula created to suit different hair types and concerns.

Can you talk about a time when you collaborated with a team of creatives to bring a vision to life? How did you contribute to the final product?
Team collaboration is no easy feat especially when having to work with other creatives on the floor to achieve a required look and feel. This may sometimes make way for conflict but I believe that challenges are always avenues for learning. I provided a few creative inspired looks and technical advice to ensure the desired looks were accomplished excellently and could last through the duration of the photoshoot. There were many other skilled stylists, such as make-up artists, wardrobe stylists and the photography team that I got to work with, and it was fulfilling to be able to contribute to the set through hairstyling.

How do you balance creativity with practicality when creating a hairstyle for a shoot or event?
Balancing creativity with practicality is a crucial skill. Understanding the brief, meeting expectations, and planning ahead for the shoot or event can help ensure a practical approach while maintaining the creative vision.

Can you describe a particular moment in your career that was a turning point or defining moment for you as a hairstylist?
Each hairstylist’s journey is unique, and for me, every step of my career as a hairstylist has been an opportunity for inspiration and learning. Through my experiences and influences, I learned to find my own style and preferred techniques. For me, it was a noteworthy accomplishment that moulded me and shaped my technique, inspired the creativity that I have today which has helped me build my own pathway in my career as a professional hairstylist.

You’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most iconic luxury fashion and beauty brands in the world. How have these experiences influenced your approach to hairstyling?
Luxury fashion and beauty brands all have one thing in common – they prioritise providing a premium experience to their customers. With this, they typically use high-quality products and tailor their services to meet the elevated standards that the brand exudes for its clients. Working with these brands have given me valuable opportunities to develop my creativity, sharpen my skills and knowledge of the fashion and beauty industry as these brands typically strive to set trends and push boundaries in the fashion and beauty industry. Working with these brands have inspired me to think outside the box and create unique and innovative hairstyles that align with a brand or customer’s desired image.

What have you learned from working with such high-profile clients and brands, and how have these lessons helped you grow as a hairstylist?
Working with high-profile clients and brands has given me the exposure to be able to think outside the box and experiment with new techniques and styles to accommodate hairstyles that can be personalised to suit a desired image or style by the brand and client, without compromising a high-end way of service to my clients.

Are there any brands you haven’t worked with yet that you would love to collaborate with in the future? Why those brands specifically?
I am glad I had the opportunity to work with many different brands such as mise en scène for hair care, and there are also many other brands that I would love to work with but I would need to evaluate them carefully to see if they align with my values and style as a hairstylist before I proceed to work with them.

mise en scène The Perfect Styling Range

The Perfect Styling range is priced at RM38.90 to RM48.90 and is available at Watsons stores nationwide, Watsons Onlinemise en scène Official Online StoreLazada Official Store and Shopee Official Shop.