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Eyebrow Products and Tools to Make Your Brows Pop!

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Eyebrows are a prominent feature of the face, well-groomed and well made up brows enhances your look. For one thing, they frame your eyes and bring attention to them. Furthermore, they are especially essential to the no-makeup makeup look. Here are some eyebrow products which can help you to enhance your brows or to tame them:

Eyebrow pencil

The eyebrow pencil fills out your brows and makes them look fuller. Owing to short strokes made with the ultra-thin eyebrow pencil which mimics thin hairs, the brow looks denser.  

Eyebrow powder

By using an eyebrow powder or eye shadow powder similar to your brow colour, the colour blends in with your brows. So that it creates the illusion of fuller brows, making it look thicker and adds depth.

Eyebrow gel

Gel for eyebrows acts like hair gel in that it helps to tame your eyebrows and hold them in place.

Eyebrow wax

Like the eyebrow gel, the eyebrow wax helps you to shape and keeps the eyebrow hairs in place.

Eyebrow mascara

Mascara for your eyebrows works in a similar way to eyelash mascara by adding colour and fullness to your eyebrows. The spooly brush that comes with the brow mascara, not only dispenses the product but combs and shapes your brows. 

Brow highlighter

Brow highlighter, be it in the form of a pencil or powder, adds dimension to your brows. This contouring effect achieves this by applying the light shade highlighter strategically under and just above the brows. 

Eyebrow tools

eyebrow tools

Besides eyebrow products, your brow makeup will be greatly assisted by the proper tools. These include trim scissors, which provides precision trimming of your brow hairs to keep them neat and tidy. Other tools include tweezers to remove stray-away hairs from the desired shape.

Lash and brow comb, spooly and angled brushes are good options to manage the brow hairs. Furthermore, they can double up in task to brush or comb out excess brow products from your brows.