Having good eyesight is something we all should be thankful for as it enhances our daily lives. Thus, it’s vital that we take good care of our eyes, and give them the love they deserve. As someone who wears contact lenses and spends most of my days in front of the computer, my eyes tend to end up dry and tired. And unfortunately, regular eye drops just don’t seem to work. But as soon as I started using Rohto Extra Cool Eye Drops, my eyes feel refreshed – like I just had a good 8 hours of sleep. Here at Beauty Insider, we’re letting you in on everything you need to know about eye strain and how you can reduce it.

What Is Digital Eye Strain?

Digital eye strain is when you get irritated, dry and red eyes. It’s possible that your eyes are fatigued or uncomfortable, which may cause you to lose focus. People most commonly get digital eye strain from long hours on a computer screen. In fact, many gamers suffer from digital eye strain from bright lights and quick movements in games. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon to get this as nowadays, everything is digitalised. Thus, it’s important to know how you can soothe your eyes whenever you get digital eye strain. 

How Do You Soothe Digital Eye Strain?

1. Take Breaks

Try to be conscious of how long you spend in front of the computer. If you can, take breaks every two to three hours and stare at something green. Additionally, you can also close your eyes for a few minutes.

2. Adjust Lighting

When you’re gaming, try to adjust your screen brightness. Make sure that your surrounding isn’t darker than your computer. Furthermore, you can also install computer apps that help adjust your screen’s colour temperature throughout the day. Not only does this protect your eyes, but it helps to tell your body when it’s time to sleep.

3. Use Rohto Extra Cool Eye Drops

When you get digital eye strain, your eyes are extremely dry and will need some lubrication. The Rohto Extra Cool Eye Drops provide that as well as an incredible cooling sensation that helps to literally ‘wake up’ your eyes. The result is refreshed and moisturised eyes alongside the relief of blurred vision. In addition, you can use this to soothe eye irritations caused by smog, dust, wind, sun glare and chlorinated water.

Why Should You Use Rohto Extra Cool Eye Drops?

Rohto brings with them great credentials, being Japan’s No.1 Eye Drop for 25 years. But the Rohto Extra Cool Eye Drops are not like other eye drops you can find on the market. What stands out in this particular product is the fact that it features a Level 7 intense cooling sensation. Thanks to the menthol ingredient in the eye drops, it helps to refresh tired eyes in an instant! Additionally, Rohto is transparent about the great ingredients they use, which is also why the bottle is completely see-through. With this, you can rest assured that every bottle was screened to ensure no particles and that it’s safe for usage. It also features filtered water that is used for pharmaceutical products manufacturing. Last but not least, the Rohto Extra Cool Eye Drops include Hypromellose and Hyaluronic Acid. This helps to provide long-lasting hydration to relieve dry and tired eyes.

The Rohto Extra Cool Eye Drops Is Suitable For:

  • Gamers who spend long hours playing online games
  • Working adults who spend their days in front of a laptop or mobile device, whether it’s for work or entertainment
  • Students who experience tired eyes from reading too long
  • Contact lens wearers
  • Anyone who experiences dry eyes

Are you excited for instant cooling and relief of dry and tired eyes? Buy the Rohto Extra Cool Eye Drops for RM18.90 at any drugstore, pharmacy and on Shopee.

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