face steaming

Face Steaming and its Benefits

Categories : Wellness

Face steaming benefits your skin in a cost effective way that you can easily conjure up at home. Its simplicity makes it effortless to fit into your beauty routine. There are home devices for this. However, it is much easier and cheap by just boiling filtered water and putting it in a bowl. Benefits include the following:

Deep Cleansing

Face steaming opens up the pores, enabling sebum to flow and avoid their build-up. Furthermore, it encourages trapped dirt, debris and bacteria to be removed either by washing after or flushed out by sweating. It loosens blackhead and sheds dead skins.

Increase Blood Circulation

The higher temperature from the steaming exercise triggers sweating, the body’s natural way to cool down. It also dilates the small blood vessels or capillaries, inducing increased blood flow. Increasing the blood circulation brings more oxygen and other nutrients to the skin. Stimulating your skin, making it more plum and add colour to your face.

Relaxes and Soothes Skin

After a long day at work, face steaming is a quick and convenient way to unwind and relax while pampering your skin.