You’ve probably seen this all over Instagram already but here we are reminding you to set your dates free because our Bad Girl RIRI is officially coming with her whole line of skincare collection this 31st! There were many rumours surrounding the launch date and now we have the official date and we just can’t believe that we are days away from the actual launch.

Fenty Skin will officially be available in the US starting from July 31. Though, we aren’t sure when will the products be available in Malaysia but we can assure you Beauty Insider Malaysia will be there first to update you. Rihanna herself made the official announcement on her Instagram page and went on sharing the Fenty Skin’s official Instagram page.

Currently, there is very little information exists on the site other than a tagline (“The New Culture of Skincare”) and an email sign-up for early access. We have no clues about what type of products will launched or what it is gonna be like but we are hella excited! Just taking a lil guess, the “culture” might be a nod to probiotics as Rihanna does enjoy infusing natural ingredients!

According to the pop star, Fenty Skin will cover, “medicated and non-medicated skin care preparations and soaps, body care kits comprising non-medicated body care preparations, and skincare product accessories.” It will not include “colour cosmetics, perfume, and other fragrance-only products.”