In a stunning blend of Eastern elegance and Malaysian innovation, Alpro Group, the pioneering holding company of Malaysia’s largest prescription pharmacy chain – Alpro Pharmacy, has joined forces with Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd, the eminent Japanese pharmacy chain boasting 1,600 stores. Together, they’ve unveiled their inaugural Japanese-styled drugstore, Alpro スギ Pharmacy, right here in Malaysia. Situated within the confines of The Starling Mall, this sprawling 3,888 square foot emporium represents a monumental leap forward in healthcare services, pushing the boundaries of what a pharmacy can be.

This groundbreaking establishment emerges as the crowning achievement of a joint venture, sealed with ink in 2022, that promised to usher in a new era of healthcare. An era where traditional pharmacy offerings are merely the tip of the iceberg, where the needs of the local community are met and exceeded with unwavering dedication.

Ph. Low Swee Siong, the Chief Executive Officer of Alpro Group, expressed his enthusiasm at the grand opening of Alpro スギ Pharmacy, a culmination of more than a year of relentless toil. He describes it as a testament to their commitment to provide a pharmacy experience that embodies health, trust, security, and safety for consumers. It is an ambitious undertaking, setting a new standard that is poised to redefine the healthcare industry.

But their ambition doesn’t end here. Ph. Low Swee Siong, with eyes set on the horizon, declared their intention to open more Japanese-styled drugstores locally. Furthermore, the audacious plan is to expand their operations across Southeast Asia, bringing their unique approach to countries such as Brunei, Singapore, and Indonesia. Their mission to revolutionise healthcare knows no bounds, transcending borders with a fervour that knows no equal.

The excitement doesn’t stop at The Starling Mall; a second Alpro スギ Pharmacy has also welcomed the public with open arms at Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru. These establishments offer something that is truly remarkable – the ‘Same Day Release’ of acclaimed ‘Made in Japan’ health and beauty products, coupled with a selection of ingenious homecare and baby care products. This is a gift to Malaysians, a doorway to the wonders of Japanese health and well-being.

Katsunori Sugiura, the Representative Director and President of Sugi Holdings Co, Ltd, couldn’t contain his excitement as he spoke of the joint venture with Alpro Group coming to life. He remarked that this is just the beginning of their journey to share the best of Japanese healthcare in Southeast Asia. The dawn of a new era in healthcare is upon us, and it arrives in the form of Alpro スギ Pharmacy, a manifestation of innovative thinking and an unwavering commitment to providing the very best in health and well-being.

So, step into this wondrous realm where the fusion of Malaysia and Japan creates a unique pharmacy experience like no other. Alpro スギ Pharmacy isn’t just a drugstore; it’s a testament to the boundless potential of healthcare.