FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Series: The Perfect Hair Care for Hijabis

By: Farah Khan / November 16, 2021
Categories : Beauty News

Hello beautiful hijabis! Our hot and humid weater doesn’t treat us so well, especially when we’re out for many hours during the day. Often times we may suffer from hair loss, itchiness, irritation, dandruff, frizzy hair and many more due to the stress from the weather and hijab together. As a result of this, many of us seek for the perfect hair care that will help keep our hair fresh and free from irritation throughout the day.

Let us, your Beauty BFF, help you out! Follow Me’s Green Tea Hijab Series might just be the thing you’ve been searching for. This complete range is especially designed using natural extracts for Hijabis to achieve smoother, healthier and fresher hair.

Follow Me Green Tea Hijab Series

Exposure to the hot and humid Malaysian weather can cause increased irritation, foul odours, and hair dryness, leading in hair loss owing to hair being wrapped in our hijab for lengthy periods of time. FOLLOW ME is proud to launch the FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Series, which is created with natural Japanese Green Tea and leaves hair with a delightful fragrance for up to 48 hours. This allows energetic and vibrant Malaysian women to aspire to live their best life while doning their hijabs.

Inspired by Japanese technology, the Green Tea Hijab collection adheres to the FOLLOW ME’s concept of commitment towards constant improvement. FOLLOW ME recognises that Japanese technology as the ideal answer for assisting hijabis in maintaining clean and fresh hair throughout the day. The firm believes that by offering this range of items, Malaysian hijabi women would be able to live their lives without fear or concern of any hair problems. By combining natural components into their natural green tea recipe, FOLLOW ME delves deeper into the riches of nature to provide the best to all hijabi women.

FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Hair Fall Solution Shampoo

Long hours of wearing a hijab made of synthetic, non-breathable fabrics can cause oil buildup on the scalp, resulting in hair loss or breaking. FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Hair Fall Solution pH-Balanced Shampoo nourishes hair at the root while also preventing hair loss, breakage, and split-ends, and leaves a fresh 48-hour aroma.

Price: RM18.90 on Shopee and Lazada

FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Anti Itch Shampoo

FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Anti-Itch Shampoo is pH-balanced, will soothe sensitive and irritated scalps. The shampoo reduces excessive oil production, leaving scalp clean and hair bouncy, lustrous, and silky with a fresh 48-hour smell, thanks to advanced Japanese technology and natural green tea antioxidants and extracts.

Price: RM18.90 on Shopee and Lazada

FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Hair Fall Solution Conditioner

When wearing a hijab, it’s a frequent misperception that a hair conditioner isn’t essential. A conditioner, in fact, detangles hair and protects it from breakage and loss, leaving it appearing healthier and silkier. Infused with natural ingredients and inspired by Japanese technology.  All of this and more is provided by FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hair Fall Solution Conditioner. You’ll certainly appreciate the refreshing smell, which lasts for as long as 48 hours.

Price: RM10.90 on Shopee and Lazada

FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Hair Mists

Take a step out of the house in a mist of freshness and confidence that lasts all day with FOLLOW ME Green Tea Anti-Frizz Hair Mist. This mist is such a light mist that you will barely notice any weight on your locks but the scent is esceptional! Thanks to the advanced Japanese haircare technology in their hands, this mist nourishes and conditions hair deeply with a 48-hour beautiful scent.

Price: RM14.90 on Shopee and Lazada

Do you want bouncy, shiny and healthy hair? The FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Soft and Voluminous Hijab Mist is perfect for you! Adding volume and softness in just one squirt, this hair mist nourishes your hair effortlessly without leaving any heaviness or weight behind. This allows you to feel comfortable all day in your hijab!

Price: RM14.90 on Shopee and Lazada

Ready to get Fresher, Smoother, and Healthier hair? Shop FOLLOW ME now at Shopee and Lazada!