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Sweet perfumes – fragrances that make you smell like sugar and candy

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Sugar and candies can lift our spirits. Wearing a perfume that smells like sugars and candies is equally delightful – without the calories!

Sweet smelling perfumes are the Gourmand family of fragrances, they are characterized by their sweet character. They contain synthetic edible notes such as chocolate, honey, caramel, sugar, candy and vanilla. They are often blended with non-edible base notes to enhance the scent.

Here we are highlighting five super sweet, sugary, syrupy and candy-like gourmand fragrances. They are not just sweet, but will make the wearer smell like sugars or delicious candy. These fragrances will evoke joyous emotions, often associated with childhood memories of our fondness towards candies.

Prada – Candy (EDP)

Prada Candy

Prada Candy was launched in 2011 and is the first of its line of caramel-sweet smelling perfumes from Prada. It is feminine yet sweet with a caramel head note, mixed with a blend of White Musks, Benzoin and Vanilla.

Burberry – Her (EDP)

Burberry Her

Burberry Her (EDP) is the first gourmand fragrance by Burberry. It is sweet, candy-like, and fresh with a burst of berry notes lightened by a luminous, white woody accord. It is easy to wear and very pleasing.

Fresh – Brown Sugar (EDP)

Fresh brown sugar

Brown Sugar from Fresh has an appealing citrus scent infused with caramels and sugars. Other notes include peach and magnolia. The citrus scent, from lemon and tangerine, makes this EDP fresh and not too overtly sweet. Hence, making this suitable as a unisex perfume. 

Aquolina – Pink Sugar (EDT)

Aquolina Pink Sugar

A list of sugar sweet perfumes cannot be completed without Aquolina’s Pink Sugar. It is super sweet, girly and smells like a fruity candy floss. It was very popular when this was launched in 2004, the first fragrance from the Italian brand Aquolina.

Bath and Body Works – Warm Vanilla Sugar (Fine Fragrance Mist)

warm vanilla sugar

Relatively subdue for a bath and bodyworks body fragrant mist. This Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar is a delightful blend of vanilla, florals, sandalwood and sparling sugar. It has a comfy and familiar feel to it.