You know the spooky season is upon us when Starbucks has officially brought back the famous pumpkin spice latte drink. Even if you decided to go lowkey on the costume department this year, the makeup look or at least the mani-pedi part should be perfect.

The manicures are the perfect middle ground to show a little spooky spirit—the quickest and easy hunk that will overall elevate your whole look. A simple photo of you holding a cocktail or dessert will immediately add spice to your Instagram page. Though, you don’t even have to spend hundreds to look good for trick and treating a simple spooky manicures are enough to channel your inner Morticia Addams.

But with thousands of colours and Halloween nail inspos, how could we know we’re choosing the right one? Don’t be scared… come closer and we’ll show you the best colours for you to rock this spooky season, and if you would like a little freaky side, we also have several ideas for you to bring along and show your nail technician. Be careful when decorating your home, though. Beauty Insider says Happy Halloween! 

Best Base Nail Colours For Halloween

Deep Red Nail Colour 

Seriously, the most basic Halloween theme colour: Blood Red Nail Polish. This colour literally screams Morticia Addams from the Addams Family—no, scratch that, this colour reminds us of every spooky character, ever. How can you not love this universal deep red nail colour?

This stunning shade indicate powerful femme fatale, sultry and feminity altogether. It is timeless and has been made famous since the era of Marilyn Monroe. No matter what you’re wearing, or your skin tone is, best believe this is the most suitable colour out of all. We have another option to spice up this colour, so stay tuned. 

Glossy Black Colour

When you think of a witch, what’s the first thing that pops to the top of your head? I mean, other than their powerful spells and lurky, scary eyes. Of course, their nails. They came in black coloured and long, mimicking the look of thrilling claws. So splashing a good glossy black colour manicure is enough to call it a day and wrap yourself nicely inside of your house. And to be honest, you’re not a certified cool girl if you haven’t tried glossy black colour at least once in your lifetime.

This is one of the most anticipated nail colours of all time. Not only is this nail colour always trendy, but they’re classic, seasonless and work all year round. They’re dramatic yet elegant at the same time. Hello, Bellatrix Lestrange. 

Bold Brown Nail Colour

If you want something dark but not really a fan of black coloured manicure, then try this bold brown nail colour. The reason why brown nails are perfect for Halloween is because they’re timeless, and just like nude, brown is one of those colours that just look sleek, rich and sitting pretty on top of your nails. If you’re creative enough, you can create a somewhat dirty, zombie nail colour. Worry not, we have some ideas for you to copy later on.

But we just want you to appreciate how warm this colour is, and how it works well with every skin tone, outfit and occasion. This brown hue also goes hand in hand with gold jewellery. It’s like you want to be scary but at the same time keeping it classy. 

Quirky Mismatched Nail Colour

Let’s face it, Halloween doesn’t necessarily need to be scary all the time. It’s the best time to show your quirky and creative side. But, if you are still afraid to step out of your comfort zones and want to maintain the one colour-base, why not remix it for a bit and mismatch the colour in between your nails?

Think of a Chucky striped top, it looks adorable until you decide to open your mouth. You can maintain the colourful pastel mismatch colour like this one, or swap it with deep coloured for a more scarier look. The key is to alternate colour on each of your nails. It looks cooler!

15 Freaky & Scary Halloween Theme Manicures 

1. The Spider Nails 

2. The Bloody Red Nails 

3. The Reptilian Nails 

4. Scream Pastel Inspired Nails 

5. Witchy Look Nails 

6. Spooky Snake Eyes 

7. Googly Eyes Nails

8. Pennywise Nails Inspo

9. Neon Witch Nails

10. Vampira Nails Look

11. Bats & Cats

12. Pumpkin Ghost

13. French-ie Ghost

14. Super Stripes

15. Witchy World

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