The eyes are the windows to the soul, and FreshKon never fails at making those windows drop dead gorgeous! It’s really hard to stop looking at yourself in the mirror when you have those lenses on. They truly are an eye-conice addition to your eyes and enhance your features beautifully. 

FreshKon x Naho Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Inspired by a timeless tale of a group of friends in a cosmopolitan city, FreshKon and Nano collaborate to create eight unique contact lense colours. Each girl represents a different effortless style with unique stories. They carry a diverse beauty that represents their unique personality. 

They share with us a collection of lenses that stands for the freedom to be who they are and brings out the confidence they need. These lenses come in two variations; monthly wear and daily wear with four unique colours in each variation. 

Let’s explore the wonders of these colour lens palettes that have been carefully curated to be explored and matched with your mood. Whether you’re feeling bold, adventurous, sexy, or elegant these lenses are the best companion for every occasion! 

Monthly Contact Lenses 

The FreshKon x Nano Monthly Contact Lenses comes in two trendy designs and colours that provides you with the ability to form your own beauty story. They have a water loving surface that allows easy and comfortable wear without any curling lense problem. They have designed these lenses with a larger optical zone allowing a clearer view without peripheral vision. 

On top of that, the lenses are equipped with a strategic dispersion of micro colourants that do not disturb their oxygen permeability. This allows an optimum flow of oxygen through the lenses which will prevent dryness and allow healthy and beautiful wear throughout the day. With it’s lock and insulated micro colourants that are isolated from your eyes’ vision, you will experience the most comfort and superior performance from the lenses. 

With four unique colours representing Modern Chic and Glamour Glitz, these monthly cosmetic lenses are a must have! Take a look at these stunning colours. 

Daily Contact Lenses

For Daily lenses, each box comes with ten vibrant pairs with trendy designs and colours for you to choose from. Put them on each day and create your own exciting tale. Similarly to the monthly use lenses, the daily lenses are water-loving and easy to fit surfaces for your comfort. These lenses are also formulated with your favourite beauty ingredient; the Hyaluronic acid. This ingredient will provide your eyes with optimum hydration throughout your busy day. 

There are four unique colours made to enhance your features and complete your look daily. Design with strategic dispersion of micro-colorants to allow sufficient oxygen flow through the lenses which allows healthy, stunning, and comfortable eyes. 

Don’t miss out on these loved contact lenses. Take your pick today! 

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