Thanks to our favourite sister-friend duo, Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, a striking colour shadow is now the beauty trend that is on the rise! Remember that time I broke down on how blue eyeshadow colour is the new maximalist trend? Read all about it here. In that article, I shared a few blue shadow and or slash blue liner colour looks that you could try on—and a few tips to enhance the appearance of your eyes. So, for today’s beauty trend, I’ll try my best to explain how striking colour eyeshadow is considered to be the next cool trend of the decade. 

We started to see the debut of striking colours on Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid’s Instagram page when they were on a vacation together recently, celebrating Dua’s birthday. In a collection of photos which obviously screamed #HolidayGoals for us average people, we get to see how the duo manage to match their makeup look with their outfit of choices.  And we saw a lot, like a lot of metallics and light-catching shimmers colours came into play. 

As usual, we, at Beauty Insider, we never settled for less. So we decided to dig in every source we could get our hands on and find the best supportive information that we can. And turns out, high-end magazines like Vogue have given their stamp of approval on how striking colour shadow is literally the new trend that everyone could get behind! It’s eye-catching!

Why Striking Colour Is On The Rise? 

Hm, good question, though. Remember when we all choose to rock with only neutral, earthy colour range only? Like those Naked Eyeshadow Palletes are constantly always running out of the stock due to high demand. The reason behind being their colours mostly (well actually, all of them) consists of only neutral-based colours. Those colours where you wanted to maintain a no makeup, makeup look—suitable for your everyday look without getting judged for wearing a bright colour shadow in an early Monday morning meeting, get what I mean? Very contrast to those early 2000’s where you could rock a purple coloured eyeliner and no one dared to bat an eye. Thankfully, it’s making a comeback. 

And according to the CEO of world best-selling cosmetic brand, Hourglass Cosmetics, Carissa Janes said, ‘’People are choosing to celebrate life. They wanted to feel alive again, so bright colours became the way to feel connected.’’ The statement was then supported by makeup artist, Mark Reagen who explained, everyone is in the mood of colours now—be it an outfit, makeup, sneakers and even accessories. Oh! Now we get it. And truth be told, we tend to feel that way, too. We’re absolutely bidding goodbye to dull, somber and boring neutral colours. Bright and striking is the new maximalist trend now.

Forget The ‘’Shaping’’

So, if you’re a true beauty follower, you’ll live by the rules of ‘’when applying shadow, follow the shape of your eyes, begin by creating the line of the crease,’’ so on and so forth. Welp, it looks like we’re no longer following those husky scrutiny rules, instead, we’re going to do it on our own way, on our own rules. According to Mark Reagen again, ditching an eyeshadow brush is the best decision you could ever make. Instead, use a more natural approach which is applying those products straight onto your lids using your (clean) fingers. This technique, said Mark, will result in a fresh, long lasting and more pigmented result. No more spending above 30 minutes in creating and shaping the look of your shadow. Go unhinged and rub it with your fingers. No rules!

Forget The Colour ‘’Rules’’

Speaking of rules, you need throw those ‘’omg this colour looks good on you but definitely won’t suit me.’’ Um, like hello? No! You like those colours? You wear them! Mark Reagen says it best, ‘’We’ve been stuck in these beauty rules where people are deciding what and what not working on certain skin colours, or eye colours. It is not completely true.’’ See? If a famous Hollywood makeup artist stated that way, you must take his word. With over a thousand eyeshadow palettes in the market, it is best for you to try and play along with different colours. There could be a colour that you haven’t discovered yet, that you might fall in love with. Go ahead and explore the colour, babes. The world is your oyster, the limit is endless.

Get Creative With The Colour

A good eyeshadow shouldn’t be wasted and only to be applied on your lids. You can get creative and play around with the texture; use it as your liner, both upper and lower lash lines. Here’s a secret not everyone knows, coloury eyeshadow can be used to define your eyes. It really enhances the appearance of your look. Use a densely-packed brush to draw the line along your eyes and you’ll notice a difference. Also, surprisingly, according to Mark Reagen, a good shimmer, lighter coloured shadow can also be used as your highlighter to highlight the perimeter of your cheekbones. Ooof, I would have never guessed that eyeshadow can come in different methods. Brb, gonna try them now!

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