Gentleman Society; not a place, a state of mind.

The iconic Gentleman Eau de Parfum debuted in 1975 has been honoured by Givenchy Beauty with the release of the new fragrance, the Gentleman Society Eau de Parfum. Benjamin Clementine, a gifted British singer, songwriter, and actor, has reinvented the new fragrance.

A rich woody accord and seductive floral notes combine to create The Gentleman Society Eau De Perfume. Sage blend and wild Narcissus flower, both sustainably harvested, make up the fragrance’s invigorating aromatic duo at its core. The fragrance’s base notes, which all contribute to the olfactory richness, are made up of Australian sandalwood, Himalayan cedarwood, and four different vetivers. The smell is further enhanced by the addition of a seductive and addicting Vanilla from Madagascar.

A refined version of the House’s famous Gentleman design, the fragrance’s black lacquer bottle. The Givenchy 4G insignia, a representation of the Gentleman Society, has been imprinted in place of the fragrance’s name. In keeping with Givenchy Beauty’s commitment to environmental responsibility, the packaging is constructed of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) cardboard, and the bottle is made up of 15% recycled glass.

The Gentleman Society is the ideal illustration of how a traditional scent may be reinvented for the contemporary man. A compelling fragrance that is both classic and contemporary is produced by the blending of floral and woody components. The fragrance is a distinctive addition to the House’s fragrance line thanks to Benjamin Clementine’s involvement in its production, which provides an extra level of originality and complexity.

The flowery and woody elements of the Gentleman Society Eau De Parfum are expertly balanced in this chic scent. Givenchy Beauty’s dedication to environmental responsibility enhances the fragrance’s appeal, making it the ideal choice for the contemporary gentleman who values the environment. A classic addition to any man’s scent collection, the fragrance’s sleek black packaging pays homage to the House’s legendary L’Interdit feminine perfume with the chrome design and 4G insignia.

Now available in two sizes (60ML | RM397, 100ML | RM520), the Gentleman Society Eau de Parfum can be purchased at in stores at Givenchy Beauty Boutique located at KLCC Suria and Sephora and online at Sephora Malaysia.