Skincare devices were the IT tool in 2022 and best believe we’re not leaving them behind as we move forward to 2023. With most social seasons being in the first half of the year, we’re sure to be looking at devices that will help us G L O W.

With that said, let us hop right in as we introduce you to the latest release of GLOWGEAR’s POWERGLOW 3-IN-1 Microcurrent Device. Not just that though, we’ve got to step up our self care routine with the GLOWGEAR’s DREAMGLOW and GLOWDROP. Time to take it up a notch!

GLOWGEAR’s POWERGLOW 3-IN-1 Microcurrent Device

A little about GLOWGEAR, the brand was founded by the sibling duo Mia and Ajit. GLOWGEAR products were created to help you achieve the best version of yourself and feel amazing. The brand’s journey actually began with Mia, who suffered from adult-onset acne after making the move from UK to Hong Kong. Determined to find a solution, she embarked on a journey of research and not long after, her brother Ajit joined.

With the knowledge and determination of the duo, GLOWGEAR has grown to become the brand that it is today. 

The POWERGLOW is a powerful, non-invasive facial rejuvenating device that helps create definition and boost skin health. Deep facial muscle activation using specialised PowerTone microcurrents in this device efficiently tones and lifts face muscles. Think of the HIIT exercise for your body, because this device delivers a HIIT exercise for your face!

The POWERGLOW’s adjustable EyeTone and FaceTone attachment heads allow you the ability to tailor your facial workout. Whether you want face toning at wider regions, like the cheeks or jawline, or more focused lifting action at precise spots, like the brows or nasolabial folds, the POWERGLOW has got you.

The 4 LED-Power-Facials operate at the skin’s surface to balance out skin tone, fill fine wrinkles, and eliminate breakouts while the PowerTone microcurrent strengthens the muscular structure beneath the skin. The mixed, red, blue, and yellow LEDs have been calibrated to the best wavelengths for skin that is clearly transparent and light-reflective. On top of that, the device comes with 5 customisable microcurrent intensities, offering a comfortable facial training session for all skins.

Purchase the POWERGLOW at Sephora Malaysia where it retails for RM669.00.

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GLOWGEAR DREAMGLOW 2-in-1 Warming Eye Mask With Chamomile

Get your beauty sleep right with DREAMGLOW. This sleep mask warm the eyes with chamomile smell warms pressure points to soothe tired eyes, lessen puffiness, and lull you into a restful sleep. The best cure after a full day of screen time. wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed because it improves circulation around the eye region! You can totally post a real #WokeUpLikeThis Instagram story.

GLOWDROP 4-In-1 Facial Device With NASA-Inspired LED Lights

With 8000 GlowSONIC vibrations, this face tool removes debris, germs, oil, and dead skin cells while significantly smoothing and refining pores. It bathes skin in reviving Red & Blue LED lights and uses a special Sonic Massage Tip to melt away facial stress. By warming the skin to deeply absorb components from your serums, masks, and moisturisers, the Thermo-Glo Booster amplifies moisture and radiance from all of your skincare products. From a single, powerful at-home gadget, you can achieve radiant, fresh skin and the best 2-minute self-care experience.

The GLOWDROP retails for RM429.00 at Sephora Malaysia.