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Gucci Beauty relaunching with a line of lipsticks

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Gucci Beauty is relaunching this month, starting with a line of lipsticks.

Gucci Beauty was originally launched in 2014, however, it was later dropped. Gucci is revisiting this potential growth segment under the current Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

The new launch consists of 58 lipsticks in three different finishes:

Sheer – 18 shades

lipstick with floral casing
No. 25 Goldie RedSheer, picture from

Gucci Beauty’s Rouge á Lèvres Voile comes in 18 shades with a sheer finish. They are packaged in a floral print and gold-colour casing.

Satin – 36 shades

lipstick in gold casing
No. 25 Goldie Red – Satin, picture from

The Rouge á Lèvres Satin collection has the largest range with 36 shades in a satin finish, packaged in a gold-colour casing.

Lip Balms – 3 tinted shades + 1 transparent colour

lipstick in turquoise casing
No. 4 Penelope Plum – Lip Balm, picture from

The Baume á Lèvres, or lip balms, comes in 3 tinted shades and 1 transparent colour. Namely Penelope Plum, No More Orchids, Rene Pink and the colourless Joslyn Clair. They are housed in a turquoise and gold-colour casing.