Everyone at least once in their life needs to colour their hair. Whether it was during your angsty teen years, 360 makeovers in your adult life or even during a midlife crisis. Whenever it is, 2021 should be the year you set an appointment with your hairstylist with determination to change your mane. However, if you’re contemplating on what look to go for here’s 10 hair colour trends that might suit your fancy.

There’s just something about switching your hair colour that makes you feel good, confident and liberated. Many have associated one’s hair as an expression of art similar to tattoos and henna. This is because our hair is the first thing that most people see before everything else. In a way, it’s telling others a little about us and how others will identify us.

To be brief, colouring your hair is just cool and fun to do. However, there are always unique ways people switch up their do so Beauty Insider has compiled colour hair trends of 2021 for you to check out.

1. Amethyst

This year, everyone has been raving over crystals due to their belief that they are able to boost energy, prevent bad ones and transform one’s aura. Crystals especially amethysts are so gorgeous with their purple hues that it’s become trends to have it as a hair colour as well! This beautiful, delicate purple is soft yet so eye-catching than typical lilac.

Additionally, this works so well against dark skin as they contrast in the most ethereal way. Trust us, going amethyst will have all the good vibes coming to you.

2. Half and Half Hair

Now, this is for the ones that are absolutely daring. Having two different hair colours is definitely a sight to see nonetheless, it will always be jaw-dropping. This trend was at its full power in 2018 but it has strutted its way into 2021 with no plans on leaving. What’s great about doing half and half is that you can never really go wrong with the colours you choose.

However, if you want the safe way, you just need to match the tones of the colours so pastels and lights. But if you’re going one-half dark like a black, the other half should be a striking colour to emphasize the contrast and nothing is more powerful than that!

3. Peekaboo Highlights

One of the biggest hair trends of 2021 has to go to the peekaboo highlights. Ask any salon and this technique is heavily demanded. It’s where the stylist will separate your outer hair and apply highlights only to the inner side. You must be questioning, “Well, how will anyone see my new hair colour?”

The answer to that is the gasp you receive when you tie your hair up to reveal the beautiful contrast! We guess this year is to have a little secret under your mane (LOL!)

4. Soft Black

Many of us Malaysians naturally have black hair and so when we switch it up, we always stray from black/dark brown shades. Despite that, it’s undeniable that when you go back to black, the air is just different.

Personally, I’ve been colouring my hair in bright shades for years but it took one photo of me with a dark filter to see how great I looked with black hair again. The next day, I popped in to get my black hair back! With, many can relate and we’ve seen a surge of people going black- looking amazing and sexy.

5. Buttercream Blond

When in doubt, go blond! Perfect for any skin tone, blonds can be rocked by anyone, anytime. We’re not thinking about ashy or platinum but pure, soft, yellow blond. When the sun hits just right against this hair colour, you will be attracting every pair of eyes in the room because it is just that dazzling. This year, many have joined the “gone for blond” bandwagon hair colour trends so maybe it’s time for you instead?

6. Colour Streaks

Last year was the year of face-framing streaks but that trend has evolved into colour streaks. One of the biggest trends for hair colour was by making colourful streaks, preferably bright tones, against dark hair. This look is absolutely gorgeous and funky. We’re not sure what it’s going to evolve into next but you better hop on this trend before it goes out of style!

7. Pastel Balayage

Pastel will never go away because we all love soft, pretty colours but it doesn’t mean we can’t play around with it. With that, pastel balayage was created and they’re hot hair colour trends. This method is done by starting with a blonde base before the pastels. The highlights are ashy light tones just to give some definition and the result is all the rave now.

8. The Money Piece

We know we earlier said that colour streaks derived from face-framing streaks aka the money piece…but we did not say she left! One of the longest and strongest hair care trends is by taking two pieces of your hair that frame the face and highlighting it from the root to the end. It’s highly demanded but what’s changed is that many are experimenting with colour instead of the typical blond colour. This trend might stay next year but do you really want to wait until then to be in style?

9. Ice Ice Baby

Many will say it’s white or grey but we say it’s icy. One of the unexpected hair care trends of this year was going this icy shade that can be achieved through foilyage or balayage. It’s a very hard colour to achieve especially on those with naturally dark hair but once it’s done, the sight is powerful.

It screams Miranda Priestly energy and we are living for it. This trend is going to stay and only intensify during the end of the year. You might want to get on board so people can remember you with the label: iconic.

10. Under Hair Dye

Earlier we talked about peekaboo highlights but this is the full version which is just as hot and in demand if not more! It uses the same technique but what’s different is that it fully dyes the inner section so the reveal stands out so much more. It looks almost magical!

Many have chosen to use contrasting colours which we highly recommend because the result is one for the books.