Let’s face it, caring for our hair is a tedious job. Despite that, we all have the desire to have strong, beautiful hair that is healthy from the root to the tip. However, unfortunately for many of us, we suffer hair concerns, particularly hair loss. But it’s not the end of the world when you’ve got Beauty Insider dishing out the best hair loss supplements in Malaysia.

Hair loss is a completely natural process of our hair’s life cycle. In fact, losing 50 to 100 strands a day is considered perfectly normal and even healthy. So, what’s the problem, you ask? It’s when we experience excessive hair loss to the point that it causes our hair to become thin and bald spots become more apparent.

With that, you’re not alone. Hair loss is the world’s leading hair concern, thus the demand to alleviate it is definitely high. Hence, why hair loss supplements and vitamins are always popular and sold.

Causes Of Hair Loss

Hereditary male/female pattern baldness is the most prevalent cause of hair loss. This form of hair loss is more likely if you have a family history of baldness.

Additionally, hereditary hair loss can be triggered by certain sex hormones. It can start at any age, including puberty. Hair loss can sometimes be caused by a simple stop in the hair development cycle. However, it can also be caused by major diseases, surgeries or traumatic occurrences.

Here are some factors that can lead to hair loss:

  • pregnancy
  • childbirth
  • discontinuing the use of birth control pills
  • extreme weight loss
  • a high fever
  • menopause
  • arthritis
  • depression
  • heart problems
  • cancer
  • high blood pressure
  • extreme weight loss
  • a high fever

Types Of Vitamins That Will Help With Hair Loss

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is required for cell development. This includes hair, the human body’s fastest-growing tissue. Additionally, Vitamin A also aids the production of sebum, an oily material produced by the skin glands. Sebum helps to maintain hair health by moisturising the scalp. Moreover, Vitamin A deficiency can cause a variety of issues, including hair loss.


Biotin, a B-vitamin, is one of the most well-known vitamins for hair development. Essentially, biotin is utilised as an alternate hair loss therapy, although it works best for people who are lacking B-vitamins. Moreover, B-vitamins aid in the formation of red blood cells, which transport oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and follicles.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been said to ain in the formation of new follicles, which are small holes on the scalp where new hair may grow. Moreover, Alopecia, a scientific name for hair loss, is linked to low vitamin D levels.

Vitamin C

Damage from free radicals can stifle hair development and cause it to age prematurely. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that protects against free radical-induced oxidative damage. Additionally, it is also required for the production of collagen, a protein that is a key component of the hair structure. As a result, it also aids in the absorption of iron, a mineral required for hair development.

Best Hair Loss Supplements In Malaysia

1. Nutrafol Core For Women

Nutrafol Women Hair Growth Supplement for Thicker, Stronger Hair (4  Capsules Per Day - 1 Month Supply) | Lazada

We know this stuff isn’t cheap, but boy, does it work. Nutrafol Core For Women is regarded as the best of the best all over the world. Vitamin E, Ashwagandha, and anti-inflammatory bio-curcumin are among the highly concentrated botanicals used to treat every step of the development cycle. As a result, it acts by combating inflammation and free radicals, which wreak havoc on follicle activity. Vitamin E, keratin, marine-based collagen, and hyaluronic acid also stimulate hair development and absorption of hair-enhancing nutrients.

Why we love it:

  • Cult-favourite
  • Contains 21 medical-grade, natural ingredients.
  • Results show within 6 months of strict use


  • Requires four capsules to be ingested per day
  • Extremely pricey

Price: RM556.81

Where to buy: Lazada

2. Nutri Botanics Hair Plus

💯 Nutri Plus Hair Plus, Health & Beauty, Skin, Bath, & Body on Carousell

Nutri Botanics Hair Plus is a clinically proven hair loss supplements formulated by pharmacists. It has a special blend of 27 nutraceutical ingredients such as biotin, keratin, B vitamins, collagen and horsetail. As a result, it reduces hair loss in 14 days and helps regenerate falling hair follicles so you can regrow your hair longer and stronger. This is suitable for both men and women with thinning hair of any hair type.

Why we love it:

  • Contains vitamins biotin, keratin, collagen B-vitamins and horsetail
  • Results can be seen in just 14 days
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Not suitable for vegetarians

Price: From RM149.00

Where to buy: Shopee

3. Swisse Ultiboost Hair, Skin And Nails (discontinued)

Swisse Ultiboost Hair, Skin, and Nails mixes Swisse’s high-quality vitamin and mineral content with specialised compounds that help the body’s natural collagen production. This combination has been proved in studies to help maintain healthy hair, skin, and strong nails when used with a balanced diet. Moreover, it includes biotin and zinc, both of which are beneficial to hair and skin health. Additionally, zinc and selenium are beneficial to hair and nail health.

Why we love it:

  • Improves hair, skin, and even nails
  • Does not contain added lactose, gluten, yeast, egg or artificial flavour
  • Suitable for vegetarians


  • May not be suitable when taking other supplements

Price: RM266.00

Where to buy: Swisse

4. Blackmores Nails, Hair & Skin

Blackmores Nails, Hair & Skin [60 Tablets] | Shopee Malaysia

Blackmores Nails, Hair and Skin is a multi-nutrient combination that promotes healthy nails, hair, and skin. It promotes collagen production and decreases brittleness and cracking of the nails. Additionally, it contains biotin which is a vitamin that is necessary for healthy skin, hair, and nails. It helps to prevent brittleness and cracking of the nails. Whereas, zinc is necessary for maintenance and vitamin C has antioxidant properties. A true multitasker!

Why we love it:

  • Contains primarily Biotin, Zinc and Vitamin C
  • Improves hair, skin, and nails
  • Facilitates collagen production


  • Not suitable for vegetarians

Price: RM68.00

Where to buy: Lazada

5. NATURE’S BOUNTY For Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies with Biotin

NATURE'S BOUNTY, For Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies with Biotin 60's | Watsons  Malaysia

These tasty gummies are an easy method to improve your health from the inside out. The Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies are naturally sweetened gummies that provide essential nutrients for healthy hair. Additionally, it contains vitamins C and E that protects your skin from oxidative damage by neutralising free radicals.Moreover, biotin is an essential nutrient for healthy hair while vitamin C and calcium are the ideal complements to a healthy diet. With that, take one a day or as advised by your healthcare professional.

Why we love it:

  • Contains biotin, vitamin C and E
  • Helps improve hair, skin, and nails
  • Free from gluten, artificial colours and flavours


  • May cause side effects such as upset stomach or headaches

Price: RM79.90

Where to buy: Watsons

6. Foligain Stimulating Hair Growth Supplement

Foligain is your go-to remedy for hair thinning woes, working its magic right from the roots. Once ingested, it journeys through your bloodstream, knocking on the doors of hair follicles, and delivering them a basket full of essential nutrients. Over time, Foligain doesn’t just stop at curtailing hair loss, it takes a step further to ensure your locks not only return, but come back thicker and healthier. This supplement creates a conducive environment for new hair to sprout, giving you more than just hope, but visible results.

Why we love it:

  • Encourages robust hair regrowth
  • Nurtures existing hair wonderfully
  • Paves way for long-term hair health


  • Contains added sugar

Price: RM246.98

Where to buy: Lazada

7. The Herbal Co. Folimo Tablets

With The Herbal Co. Folimo Tablets, regaining your hair’s youthful exuberance is just a couple of tablets away. This herbal marvel is a compilation of nature’s finest ingredients, all clinically validated to not only halt hair thinning but also to keep those pesky grey strands at bay. The daily dose of two tablets is a simple regimen to follow, with grand rewards like dandruff-free, thick hair and a delay in the premature greying saga.

Why we love it:

  • Potent against premature greying
  • Effortlessly tackles hair thinning
  • Prevents dandruff


  • Requires four tablets daily

Price: RM66.90

Where to buy: Alpro Pharmacy

8. Puritan’s Pride Biotin

Puritan’s Pride Biotin is not just a supplement, it’s a pledge to your hair, skin, and nails for a healthier you. With a vegetarian-friendly badge, it’s welcoming to all, providing a hearty dose of biotin to stimulate keratin production, the cornerstone for hair growth and maintenance. While it’s always best to seek nutrients from a balanced diet, Puritan’s Pride Biotin fills in the gaps, ensuring your body has the biotin it needs for energy production alongside promoting radiant skin and robust nails.

Why we love it:

  • Vegetarian-friendly supplement
  • Promotes comprehensive beauty
  • Bolsters energy production


  • Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women

Price: RM54.90

Where to buy: Lazada

9. Now Foods Biotin

Now Foods Biotin isn’t just a supplement; it’s a commitment to holistic well-being. This vegetarian, non-GMO concoction is tailored to support amino acid metabolism, a crucial element for energy production, and normal immune function. Besides being an energy booster, it plays a vital role in promoting skin health while encouraging normal growth, making it a versatile addition to your daily routine.

Why we love it:

  • Supports amino acid metabolism
  • Enhances overall energy production
  • Promotes robust skin health


  • Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women

Price: RM63.05

Where to buy: Lazada

10. Life Extension Hair, Skin & Nails Collagen Plus Formula

Life Extension Hair, Skin & Nails Collagen Plus Formula is like a beauty salon in a bottle. Enriched with bioactive collagen peptides and a myriad of essential nutrients, it’s a one-stop solution for hair, skin, and nail health. The formula is meticulously crafted to promote collagen and keratin health, ensuring your nails grow strong, your skin remains supple and your hair, luscious. This supplement is a treasure trove of clinically validated nutrients that not only rejuvenate but maintain the youthful essence of your hair, skin, and nails.

Why we love it:

  • Promotes collagen and keratin health
  • Encourages strong nail growth
  • Maintains youthful skin and hair

Price: RM105.00

Where to buy: Shopee

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