All you durian lovers, we got good news for you! The infamous ‘stinkiest’ fruit in the world, durian have now risen to prove that it can fight against bad body odour thanks to Hello Natural Co. The local organic brand’s latest durian deodorant scent will surely leave an impression everywhere you go. Curious to know more about durian all-natural deodorant balm?! Below, Beauty Insider Malaysia has got all the news for you.

Forget About Eating, You Can Now Smell Like Durian Too!

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this limited edition durian scented natural deodorant is
formulated using real durian extract and other all-natural ingredients that can keep your armpits clean, fresh and healthy. The has high reviews by previous testers and it is also free of parabens and other chemicals that can cause skin infections and irritations.

Get Your Hands On Hello Natural Co. Durian Deodorant Balm Today!

Malaysian Company Releases New Deodorant... And It's Durian Scented

This product is a special edition hence it is limited in quantity. So make sure to grab yours now. You can get deodorant for only RM19.99 on their site, you can unashamedly walk into meetings, family gatherings, and date nights feeling and smelling like the king of fruits. Pretty reasonable and high in quality, this deodrant is certainly a value-buy!

Hello Natural Co. Also Makes Natural Skincare And Hair Care Products!

Hello Natural Co. aims to provide natural solutions to all their skincare and hair care woes. They are quite well known for their deodorants tried and loved by many for its effectiveness. You can find all of their products on their website or on their official Instagram page.