An important day is looming over us and it is getting closer and closer! We are pretty sure everyone knows what day it is too. So, do we still have to mention it? Well, we’ll say it anyway! Merdeka Day is here again! This 31st of August marks the 64th year we are celebrating Merdeka. As with many national holidays across the globe, it also means every retail and shopping platform in Malaysia is most probably offering Merdeka sales! Yes, Beauty Insider highly encourages you to spend and splurge on yourself! Whether it’s on your skincare, makeup, wellness, fitness, electronics or books, there’s one platform that has it all, and that is Hoolah.



Hoolah is a leading omnichannel in Asia, featuring a buy now and pay later concept. As a retail company supporting several brands, Hoolah is an innovative platform for consumers to shop! Hailing originally from Singapore, Hoolah is live in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong as well! What’s more, is that it is rapidly growing and expanding across the globe. Hoolah aims to help Asia’s merchants generate new customers that actually check out instead of abandoning their shopping carts. Thus, they provide an affordable way for consumers to spend, but at the same time, allow them to do so responsibly! With this method, they are able to offer merchants a data-rich and cost-effective way of driving loyalty, affiliate marketing, and increasing the size of their baskets. 

To help enrich the lifestyle of their consumers, Hoolah offers an interest-free instalment divided into three. Whether it is purchasing online or in-store, you can opt to distribute your cost across this instalment plan. This intrigues consumers as they are able to kind of get a product without paying the full price upfront. With no hidden costs and interests, consumers can add an item to their shopping cart and select Hoolah as their payment method. This allows them to pay ⅓ of the price upfront with either a credit or debit card first. The next two payments are required to be paid back in a span of 2 months. After your first initial payment, you will receive your product and the remaining balance will be automatically deducted! If you are purchasing in-store, all you need to have is the Hoolah app and you are good to go!

Hoolah #MalaysiaPrihatin Exclusive Promotions

As Merdeka Day closes in on us, it is time to celebrate our Independence Day with up to RM40 off on your first Hoolah orders! What’s more, is that you get to enjoy these exclusive promotions from participating merchants. Whether it is sports, makeup or skincare, take your pick and spend away! From the 27th until the 31st of August, you’ll get to enjoy up to RM40 off your first purchase when you spend a minimum of RM100 if you are new to the team! Simple spend online or in-stores at any Hoolah merchant throughout the campaign period. To celebrate the upcoming festivities, Hoolah is also hosting a giveaway on their Instagram! So, keep reading to find out how to join and win mega huge prizes! 

Participating Merchants


For handmade and fragrant candles, shop on 5Luxe Scents Co.’s to enjoy all that luxury! What’s more, is that their candles are hand poured with a blend of soy and coconut wax. It is also combined with premium fragrance oils that also makes 5Luxe Scents Co.’s candles cruelty-free and paraben-free. Spice up your living area or room with their amazing scented candles. 

Shop now at 5Luxe Scents Co.



Shop for all of your favourite sports brands at Al-Ikhsan! They offer brands that are both local and global such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, Umbro, L.F.C and more. Whether you need a new pair of trainers, or some sports attire, Al-Ikhsan offers a variety of local and global brands. With Hoolah, you enjoy affordable purchases! 

Shop now at Al-Ikhsan


Looking for sports equipment to start your new sports journey? Then Decathlon is the website you should visit during the Merdeka Sale! They offer up to 60 different sports that you can purchase from and even provide free deliveries! They are dedicated to guiding, helping and inspiring you through your experience with sport as they offer the best sport products that are of high quality, yet affordable. 

Shop now at Decathlon



Gintell is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year with 50% off on selected products! Who says you can’t stay healthy at home? Shop at Malaysia’s favourite wellness and health companion to either relax or keep fit! Whether you’re shopping for fitness, massage or wellness equipment, Gintell has got you covered. What’s more is that you can pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home! 

Shop Gintell in-store. 



Everyone’s beloved Go Shop is also offering promotions this Merdeka! Explore through their wide range of popular beauty, wellness and electronic brands! With Hoolah by your side, get to enjoy RM35 off when you spend a minimum of RM300 in total. Better hurry up because it is only limited to the first 200 redemptions with the promo code ‘HL35’ !

Shop now at Go Shop



What could be more relaxing than doing so in the comfort of your own home? Thus, it is time to treat yourself and finally get that massager or massage chair you’ve been pining after! ITSU World has over 20 years of experience within the reflexology industry. It combines cutting-edge, innovative technology with massage techniques to make it feel as if you were being massaged by hand. 

Shop now at ITSU World or in-store


Wellness starts from the inside out and Kuvings is the best brand to help you improve your healthy living! So, why not add these blenders, juicers, and even probiotic makers to your kitchen! Now, healthy living is no longer tedious and disgusting. It is now delicious and convenient! 

Shop now at Kuvings



Medklinn helps take care of your body by protecting it from bacterias, allergies, infections and bad odours. It does this with the help of Cerafusion™ Technology, which is a leading-edge and patented technology! Place this device in your home and it will help naturally sterilize the air around you and surfaces. Shielding your body from any harmful substances floating in the air. 

Shop now at Medklinn

Giveaway Details

Right, this is what all of you have been waiting for! The giveaway! As everyone gets to #JomJimat this Merdeka, there are huge prizes to be won as well! Believe when we say that you don’t have to spend a single penny to join this giveaway. All you have to do is simply follow, like, and comment on the respective giveaway posts on Instagram! After you do that, you’ll stand a chance to win one of the top 3 mega prizes! Here’s your chance to win a Heavni Watch & Perfume Set, APrima NIaga Urbanist Stockholm Plus Wireless Earphones, and the grand prize, a Gintell Malaysia Aerobike FT203! So what are you waiting for? 

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