Insider 101: Foolproof Tips On How To Avoid Makeup Stains On Hijab Easily!

By: Balqis Ariffin / September 8, 2021
Categories : Makeup, Makeup Tips

Do you love makeup? Yup, such a question should never even cross your mind, especially if you’re a beauty junkie! Whether you prefer minimal, heavy or natural-looking makeup, we definitely can’t live without them! Apart from enhancing our facial features, makeup also helps to boost our self-confidence. Essentially, makeup is a girl’s best friend. So like it or not, they are here to stay (we’re not complaining). Have you ever experience makeup stains on your hijab? Girl, you’re not alone. Although such issues may have not spoken regularly as they should, makeup stains on the hijab is definitely a big no-no. We too experience such struggle and it can actually make the routine more difficult. Do we wear our hijab first then put on makeup or otherwise? Indeed, it can be quite stressful. Besides, we don’t want to end at the bathroom cleaning those makeup stains off, right? Fret not, Beauty Insider is here for you! Below we have gathered all the essential tips on how to avoid makeup stains on hijab.

5 Super Easy Tips on How To Avoid Makeup Stains On Hijab

1. Always Wear Under Scarf


Okay, we get that every person have their own preference when it comes to styling their hijab and it includes the under scarf. If you are one of those that do not prefer to wear the under scarf, this one is for you! Although styling a loose hijab may look pretty cool, but it is definitely not cute once the beauty products get all over your hijab. Plus, an under scarf is the perfect hack to keep your hijab in place and protect your hair from potential damage too. So you if still didn’t have one, now is the time to grab it!

2. Religiously Apply Translucent Powder

Personally, we love this hack! Kudos to whoever creates this tip. If you have been searching for the best trick on how to avoid makeup stains on hijab, the wait is over! Once you have set your makeup with setting spray, take a translucent powder and make sure to religiously dab the product on your hairline as well as neck. One pro tip is that make sure the beauty blender or product is not damp as it can actually stain your hijab easily. Then use a makeup brush to remove excess powder and proceed to complete your look with hijab. Voila, you’re done! This tip is perfect if you like to tightly wrap the hijab around your neck. Try it out now and you will see that it is the epitome of transfer proof!

3.Spritz that Setting Spray for Real!

The next tip only requires one product, your setting spray! Yup, it is definitely super easy peasy. However, remember to use only matte setting spray. First of all, make sure to identify the areas that keep on getting that makeup stains. Then, grab any preferred product of your choice and spritz it to the areas on hijab. Wait a few minutes to let it dry and style your hijab. When it comes to makeup stains on hijab, it merely depends on the way we style our look. As makeup stains tend to get on certain areas of the hijab, you definitely need to take into account the way you style it. So, there’s no one size that fits all.

4.Invest in a Good Hijab Protector

Honestly, we have heard about all sorts of beauty tools, from IPL hair removal to LED light therapy devices. But have you heard of hijab protector? This beauty tool deserves equal attention as well! Created by ModBeautyKeeper, this beauty protector allows you to easily wear makeup without the risk of staining your hijab. It is definitely one of the best kept secrets among hijabis and we are here to spill it for you!

There are two variants namely ModBeautyKeeper 360 and ModBeautyKeeper Original. This product is super easy to use, you just need to gently press the adhesive on the hijab and make sure to cover it along your face. Afterwards, you can proceed to apply the makeup products easily. The ModBeautyKeeper is perfect as it ensures the makeup doesn’t stain the underside areas as well. Additionally, it is suitable for those who prefer to style their hijab first before applying the makeup.

5.Baby Powder for Life

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Have you ever thought about what happens if your hijab gets makeup stains when you’re outside? Indeed, it is an emergency. The easiest way out is using baby powder! Although you might want to wash those stains with water, it is definitely not handy when the makeup is actually waterproof. Simply apply the baby powder to the area and wait for few minutes before you wash it. The baby powder is effective as it helps to absorb and remove the stains. Whether it is a moisturizer, makeup or even sunscreen, this hack work wonders. So, make sure to carry baby powder whenever you’re going out.

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