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Let’s face it, not just Asian complexions are often overlooked by Westerners, Asian hair care also faces its own set of obstacles—disregarded in the homogenized world of beauty. In Asian countries, due to humidity, our hair tends to become oily, dirty and tangled. As a result, we need to have a proper thorough routine in order to ensure our mane remains healthy, even in the most extreme conditions.

Read more to find out which products Beauty Insider recommend for a healthier looking hair! 

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Asian Hair Vs. European Hair

First, we need to understand the notion of the hair growth cycle—something people might overlook when trying to understand and solve their hair problems. 

The hair growth cycle consists of three phases: 

1. Growing phase: Anagen 

2. Transition phase: Catagen 

3. Resting phase: Elogen 

Now, keep in mind that genetics, nutrition, and health all play a significant influence in all three stages. What sets Asian hair apart from other ethnicities is that Asians hair takes longer to complete the ‘’early’’ phases. What’s more interesting, the uniqueness of Asian hair can grow for up to seven years before the shedding happens. However, once the individual begins to experience the ageing process, the diameter of the strands would become weaker which lead to hair falls. 

Common Hair Problems We Face

Frizzy hair, tangled hair and oily scalp are the most common hair problems that us, Asian people face due to humid weather. Apart from genetics, your lifestyle factors can play a vital role in contributing to the hair problem—think excessive crash diets, stress and even hormonal imbalance. 

How Frequently Should We Wash Our Hair? 

It’s time to debunk the most common misconceptions when it comes to hair care: ‘’The more frequent you wash your hair, the more hair you will lose.’’ Wrong. Truth is, shampooing simply cleanses the build-up of old oil on your hair and scalps. Washing your hair can stop your strands from becoming greasy and smelly. So, there is no such thing as over-washing your hair. Especially for Asian hair where we are exposed to a sunny and humid environment. The moment your scalp starts to feel itchy, wash them.

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5 Simple Ways To Care For Asian Hair

1. Avoid Putting Too Much Oil & Conditioner 

For Asian women, it’s normal for your hair to be less dense. If you add more oils and conditioning agents, it can weigh the hair down and cause product build-up. So, it is best to avoid any products that contain excessive oil, as well as heavy moisturising conditioners as they can weigh the hair down and make it look flat and greasy. 

2. Pick The Right Serum

After washing, rub some serum on your palms and gently massage your hair using fingers. Gently massage your scalp so the serum will be absorbed nicely. Because we live under extremely hot weather, applying the right product can keep your hair protected. This can also get the cuticle to lay as flat as possible. Make sure to pick the right serum that’s suitable for your scalp. 

3. Apply Anti Frizz Products

Apply the right anti-frizz product before you blow dry out your hair. Always protect your strand against the heat that will cause unwanted damage to your hair. The trick to avoid frizzy hair is also to use a round brush. It’ll make your hair appear thicker and fuller. 

4. Use Soft Fabric Towel 

Using a regular towel can damage your hair and create friction. How about switching up a bit and investing in a microfiber plush towel? Not only are they more kind on your strands, but it also helps your hair to dry quickly, minimising the amount of swelling.

5. Avoid Touching Your Hair 

We know it’s hard to stop your hands from running through your hair but it is for the better. The more you touch your hair, the more frizzy it becomes. Not to mention, your hands can be dirty from touching a lot of stuff throughout the day, so please avoid touching your hair because the dirt will most likely be trapped in between the strands, which will lead to unclogged pores. If your hair keeps getting on your way, use a hair clip or hair band. 

The Best Hair Products To Keep Them On Lock

1. Summerie Normal Hair Shampoo 

Normal Hair – Summerie

Looking for a hair product that’ll aid normal hair type? You got your deal. This Summerie Normal Hair Shampoo contains organic Sunflower Seed Oil that is high in ceramide content. The component helps to lock in moisture, strengthen hair follicles and promotes healthier hair. The organic Golden Jojoba Oil inside is non-comedogenic, non-toxic, and does not trigger allergic responses in your scalp. It also has hydrating qualities, which aid in the retention of hydration in the hair. 

Why we love it:

  • Infused with Vitamin B5, helps to strengthen hair follicles and promotes healthier hair
  • NO SLS, SLES, silicones, parabens, alcohol and mineral oil
  • Resulting in 65% Smoother Hair 

Price: RM 17.90

Where to buy: Summarie, Guardian

2. BRIOGEO Merry Multi-Masking Kit

Customize your mask treatment routine to make your hair appear and feel it become the healthiest version ever. Fan’s favourite Brigeo’s Merry Multi-Masking Kit, offers a trio of hair masks to treat unique and ever-changing issues like damaged strands, dullness and dry hair.

Why we love it: 

  • Restores essential hydration and strength to dry, damaged hair
  • Contains Avocado + Kiwi extract 
  • Rich with protein 

Price: RM 93.00

Where to buy: Sephora

3. Ouai Fine Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

Ouai Fine Hair Shampoo & Conditioner caters to all Asian hair types who are looking to add thickness onto their locks. Their shampoo will give you fuller-looking locks and taming your frizz for smoother, stronger hair. Pair it with their conditioner and you’re good to go. 

Why we love it: 

  • Contains Biotin & Keratin
  • Made with natural ingredients like chia seed oil 
  • Suitable for all hair types

Price: RM 124.00

Where to buy: Sephora

4. COCO & EVE Like A Virgin Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque

This powerful product helps to bring hair back alive after being damaged by styling, heat, dyes and the environment. The two super-charged ingredients are raw virgin Coconuts and Himalayan Fig. They’ll help repair your locks from the inside out. Your hair will be as smooth as a baby!

Why we love it: 

  • Rich with Coconut oil, Himalayan Fig and Shea Butter
  • Help hydrates your hair from inside out 
  • Suitable for damaged hair 

Price: RM 180.00

Where to buy: Sephora

5. BRIOGEO Farewell Frizz™ Rosarco Milk Leave-In

Sometimes, your daily regular shampoo and conditioner aren’t enough for your overall hair protection. Introducing, Farewell Frizz™ Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioning Spray, a miracle treatment specially designed for damaged locks in need of TLC. 

Why we love it: 

  • Suitable for all type of hair 
  • Rich with Rosehip, Argan and Coconut Oil extract
  • No sulfates, silicones and phthalates

Price: RM 39.90

Where to buy: Sephora

6. KIEHL’S Smoothing Oil-Infused Leave-in Concentrate

This multipurpose oil concentrate from Kiehl’s smoothes hair of all sorts! It can be used as a nourishing and smoothing treatment and style aid on damp hair, or as a weightless finisher for softness and shine on dried hair. This leave-in treatment will give your hair an instantly manageable, smooth, and shining finish. 

Why we love it: 

  • Restore and protect your hair from the cuticles 
  • Weightless and versatile
  • Packed with natural ingredients

Price: RM 93.00

Where to buy: Kiehl’s

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