Everyone who wears glasses will have contemplated wearing contact lenses once in their life. Even if you’ve told yourself a hundred times that you will never stick something like contacts into your eyes, you will eventually give in. Most of the time, those without 20/20 vision will opt for clear contact lenses. Because let’s be real here, we NEED contact lenses to see. For others, this might be an opportunity to try out different eye colours. But, contact lenses aren’t just for those in need of viewing the world. There are contact lenses that don’t have power, and contact lenses with power. Those that have perfect vision will opt for powerless contacts. So, if you are someone who can’t see without glasses and wants to test the waters at buying your first pair, Beauty Insider is here to guide you on how to choose contact lenses. 

 How To Choose Contact Lenses 

Types of Contact Lenses

Before you make your purchase of contact lenses, you need to figure out what type of lenses you want to get. In the world of contact lenses, there are quite a few choices you can choose from. Depending on your needs, you should be choosing a contact lens that suits you. Are you someone who needs to wear contacts daily? Or, do you only want to wear them once in a while? How about your willingness to care for your contact lenses? So, here are some options for you to choose from.

Daily Wear

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If you are on a budget, daily wear lenses are probably your best choice. These are typically the least expensive and have to be disinfected. You would have to commit to taking them out every night and disinfecting them. Instead of throwing them out after use, you’d need to store them in a contact lens case with a contact lens solution. There are also options as to how long these daily wear lenses can last. Some are bi-weekly lenses while others are monthly lenses. 

Disposable Contact Lenses

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Despite what everyone thinks, disposable lenses are actually more expensive. This is because you would need a new pair of lenses every day you want to wear them. Since no maintenance is needed for these lenses, you can simply throw them out after a night out. Disposable lenses are also suitable for those that might have allergies or aren’t keen on taking care of their lenses properly. 

Toric Contact Lenses

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Toric lenses are used for those that have astigmatism. This is a condition that blurs the vision due to an irregularly shaped cornea. Thus, these are some of the more expensive types of lenses. 

Multifocal Contact Lenses

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As you get older, you might suffer from presbyopia. This is a condition that makes bringing close objects into focus harder. But, this can be corrected with the help of multifocal or bifocal lenses. The technique used to solve this problem is also called monovision. It calls for using a contact lens in your dominant eye, while the non-dominant eye uses a lens for near vision. 

Coloured Contacts

Coloured contacts are also quite popular among cosplayers as it allows them to further resemble their characters. Especially if they need a different eye colour. Coloured lenses are typically available with and without power. So, you don’t have to worry about damaging your eyes. Although they are usually used for cosmetic purposes, coloured contacts can also be used to correct your vision. 

How Long Should You Wear Contacts?

Unlike glasses, you can’t actually wear your contacts the whole day. It is not advisable to sleep with your contacts on either. So, it is important that you remember to take them out before going to bed. On the packaging of contacts, you’ll also notice that most will advise you to only wear them for 8 hours a day. This is because wearing contacts can dry out your eyes and irritate them. But, if you have to be wearing contacts, it is best to carry around a small bottle of eye drops. So, you can soothe and hydrate your eyes if it gets too dry. If you are a rule-abiding citizen and don’t want to risk wearing contacts for more than 8 hours, you can also bring an extra pair with you. 

Costs of Contact Lens

As we mentioned, the price of contact lenses can vary depending on their type. Daily wear contacts that require care and storage are typically the cheapest. While multifocal and toric lenses would be the most expensive due to their corrective functions. In Malaysia, you can find contacts being sold both online and in-shop. Just visit your local glasses shop or optometrists. The costs can vary anywhere from RM40+ to RM100+, so it’s best to browse through different options before purchasing.