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How to do basic Cosplay Makeup

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With the upcoming comic conventions and another at the end of 2019 come opportunities to cosplay! The upcoming comic conventions are as follows:

  • Toys Anime Games Comic Con 22,23 June 2019, Putra World Trade Centre
  • Star Supa Comic 13-14 July 2019, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
  • Comic Fiesta 21, 22 December 2019, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

If this happens to be your first maiden trip to the world of fantasy, have fun! The world of anime presents many choices for first-timers. To help you with your journey, here are some basic anime cosplay makeup pointers.

cosplay female with daggers

Use a Primer

Use a primer, preferably a silicone-based primer, to provide a smooth base to work with and to help to make the makeup last.

Concealer and Foundation

Use concealer and a full Coverage foundation to even out the skin tone.


winged eyeliner

The eye makeup is the most important part of the anime makeup. Tidy up the brows and use a thin waterproof eyebrow pencil to draw in little brow hairs to fill in your brows.   

eye makeup tools

Use a dark liquid eyeliner to define your eyes. Draw winged eyeliner. Either do partial or full bottom lid eyeliner that meets up the upper winged line. Use an eyelash curler and mascara for your eyelashes. False lashes are an option. If you wish to open up the eyes, you can use a white eyeliner near your tear duct corner. Use pink eyeshadows, either matte or shimmering ones.

Contact Lens

As an option, use either coloured contact lens or circle contact lens to achieve the desired look.


Use a similar pink shade to your eye makeup for the cheeks. Dispense with any contouring. Use powder blush and generously sweep across your cheeks.

cosplay female with hat and umbrella

Face Jewels

Embellish your look with some face jewels, which are popular with festival makeup! You can find them in Spotlight and Lovisa.

face gems
Picture from Spotlight, www.spotlightstores.com/my
lovisa face jewels
Sapphire Blue Face Jewels from Lovisa (picture from Lovisa website, www.lovisa.com), packet of 7 sheets of blue and silver face jewels.
lovisa face jewels
Picture from Lovisa website, www.lovisa.com

Depending on the anime character you are basing your look on, pick a lipstick to complete your look and set it with a finishing spray. With your wig and costume, you are on your way!

cosplay female with dagger and hat
cosplay female with pink hair