If there’s one thing to praise about Meghan Markle is that she always managed to keep long hair looking neat on every occasion. But little did you know, behind those perfectly neat, precise, wavy hairs exist an even perfect hair stylist. George Northwood and The Duchess of Sussex is more than just a stylist and a client—they’re good friends. So as any other good besties would do, you would want your friend to look the best at every Royal event she attends. 

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However, Meghan and her trustee hairdresser, hadn’t seen one other in almost two years. They were separated not just by an ocean, but also by a pandemic, as were many others. Recently in Vogue, George opened up about their friendships, “I worked with Harry and Meghan the last time [before the Invictus Games 2022] on the day of the ‘umbrella’ incident [the popular photo of the couple in the rain outside the Endeavour Awards 2020],” 

He then added, ‘’I recall being at Buckingham Palace, and the Invictus Games were set to take place in the Hague in 2020, so my goodbye was more of a see you later. How could we have known?. The Games were finally held over Easter weekend, two years after they were originally scheduled. George went directly to the pair when he landed in the Netherlands. The reunion was lovely—and not only because of the hair magic that occurred. 

George revealed he put a number of great hairstyles on Meghan, as he had done so many times before. From her flawlessly undone wedding hair to various royal tour looks – including the one when she made a brief return to the spotlight in favour of the event after her husband sponsored for injured military members. The beautiful glossy waves that slipped over Meghan’s cream, belted jacket by Brandon Maxwell at the Games on Sunday were maybe the most noteworthy hair style conducted by George Northwood. 

Below, he explains how you can achieve the look in three easy steps. (Because we at Beauty Insider is *obsessed* with the Royals, we might as well help spread the secret!) 

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Make Sure To Blow Dry Your Hair 

Always start with a good blow dry. If possible, you might want to wait until the day you wash your hair to pull this look. It’ll make things easier, such as styling and applying hair oil over your strands. According to George, ‘’Instead of a harsh blow dry, use a smooth blow dry to establish a nice foundation in the hair. Blow dry the front of your hair forward if you’re trying for a centre parting; this produces a sweeping motion when you split it later.”

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Use A Big Barrel Curler

Of course, when it comes to wavy hairs, you’d want to use a big barrel instead of smaller ones. Start with working your way around the head with a large-barrel tong, curling portions of hair as you go. To promote more of a wave than a curl, tong away from the face at the front of the hair and focus on the mid-lengths rather than the roots and ends. Pull hair straight after removing the tong from each part so it cools in a gentler bend. Finally, brush your hair through with your fingers or a paddle brush. We suggest you use your fingers to produce more ‘’natural waves’’. 

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Spray It Up!

Always layer your fresh-styled hairs with hair spray. A lot of people tend to skip this step, and we don’t know why! Spraying your hair with moisturised products will always keep your lock in place. Not to mention they’ll protect your hair from the heat and other pollutants. If you’re not a fan of hair spray, we recommend you invest in hair serum. George said, ‘’focus on shine when it comes to products. Aim for a luxurious, glossy finish. Products like shine sprays, lotions, and serums can assist to smooth it out.’’ 

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