Have you ever experienced a hangnail before? Well, consider yourself lucky if you haven’t dealt with this tormenting pain that lasted for a few days. Yikes! In case you didn’t know, hangnail actually refers to the small part of the skin that is literally torn apart from the edge of the fingernail. Okay, we know that from the sound of it, we might be a little bit overdramatic. Although it may seem insignificant, the pain is hundreds of times worse than it looks since the area abounds with blood vessels. Trust us, it’s coming from our own experience. Some of the people might even feel super distracted that they simply can’t restrain themselves from picking the hangnails.  Unfortunately, it only makes things worse, so you definitely shouldn’t do that. Luckily, hangnails are preventable and if you are prone to it, taking care of your nails is the ultimate solution to keep it at bay. With these tips and tricks on how to get rid of hangnails, you will certainly never need to undergo the traumatic experience again. So, scroll down and take note of the information that Beauty Insider has gathered just for you Beauties. 

What Exactly is Hangnail Anyway?

The name might suggest that it relates to nails or whatsoever, but it’s kinda misleading since hangnail does not involve the nail plate. If you notice that the skin on the side of your nail peels, that is definitely a hangnail. It is merely a small part of the cuticle that is torn apart. Although it occurs on both toenails and fingernails, people usually experience it on the latter. 

There are several factors that contribute to hangnails and surprisingly it also includes one bad habit, biting your nails. Among the known causes of hangnail are dry hands, exposure to harsh soap, protein deficiency, and washing your hands excessively. Additionally, people who cut the cuticle way too much also tend to develop hangnails at some point. 

If you’re feeling unsure whether it’s a hangnail or not, make sure to look out for these symptoms.

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Redness on the area
  • Torn skin at the side of nails

How to Treat a Hangnail?

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

If you’re thinking of biting the hangnails away, that’s an absolutely bad idea since it can lead to infection. In fact, people with extreme cases also notice that their hangnails are filled with pus. So, to save you from such mishaps, you need to treat them correctly.

  1. First of all, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before you apply petroleum jelly or mineral oil to soften the skin. Remember to wait around 10 minutes before you proceed with the next step. This is to allow the skin to be completely soft and minimize any pain. 
  2. Next, simply use a nail clipper or cuticle clipper to remove the hangnail. It is important to only cut off the excess skin that is jutting out. If the skin bleeds, you can rinse your hands with water and apply any ointment before proceeding to cover it with a bandage. 
  3. Once you’re done, make sure to religiously slather moisturizer on the area. 

Easy Steps on How To Get Rid of Hangnails

1.Slather Some Good Hand Cream

Well, if you’re looking for the ultimate solution on how to get rid of hangnails, it is all about hydration. Instead of only applying the hand cream twice per day, make sure to pay extra attention to your nails. In fact, you can also massage or even scrub your hands, almost like a pampering session. We recommend that you reapply the moisturizer a few times a day, especially after you have washed your hands. 

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2. Nail Oil

If a regular hand cream is not sufficient to hydrate your skin, trust us it is a time to splurge on a nail oil if you didn’t have one. The rule of thumb is to look for a nail oil that is packed with hydrating and nourishing properties. So, you definitely need to read the label. Similar to like hand cream, it is advised that you reapply the nail oil throughout the day. Plus, this product is actually the key to trimming away the hangnail easily.

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3. Snip, Yay or Nay?

Depending on the severity of the condition, you shouldn’t completely just snip away the hangnail. Instead, if possible try to push it back using a cuticle pusher. However, if it’s jutting, you can gently cut off the dead skin away, but remember not to cut it close to your flesh. The clipper that you use should also be sanitized beforehand to avoid the hangnails getting infected.

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4. Soak Your Hands

If you prefer some TLC, nail soak is the way to go! Simply soak your hands with a hydrating oil like coconut oil or almond oil. This trick will help to soothe the irritation and hydrate your skin instantly. Afterwards, wrap your hands with a hot towel before you finish it off with hand cream.

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