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How to Get the Body Ready for the Beach

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Swimwears can be daunting if you are conscious about your body. True whether it is for a much needed time at the beach, a beach vacation or even for chilling by the poolside. Here are some tips to help you prepare your body, to tighten and tone up your body for the beach!


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Schedule some time for cardio exercises to burn calories, such as walking, running and swimming. Exercises not only help with weight management but also to promote blood circulation and detoxification.

Drink water

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Drink plenty of water to avoid water retention. If you drink insufficient amounts of water, your body tends to retain water and make you look bloated. To avoid the bloated look, consistently drink the needed amount of water daily in the run-up to your beach day or days. This will encourage your body to release excess fluids.


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Ensure a consistent nightly 7-9 hours sleep in the run-up to your beach trip. Adequate sleep is helpful for the body to rejuvenate and to repair itself. Furthermore, recent studies have linked weight gain with sleep deprivation. Check out our article on “beauty sleep – why we need them“.

Relax – avoid stress

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Stress can lead to the overproduction of cortisol, a hormone that could play a part in weight gain. The higher production of cortisol may lead to the undesired layer of stubborn fat in the tummy area.


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Toxins can make you fat! Detox your body by eating healthy. A good session of sweating flushes out toxins and reduces water retention. To have a more toned-up look, exercise to work out a good sweat, or book a sauna or infrared sauna session.

Watch your Diet

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Go easy on carbs in the run-up to the beach trip. Eat more proteins, fibres and vegetables.

Avoid junk food

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Junk foods, such as packet-chips, are packed with sodium. Excess sodium causes the body to retain more fluids, which lead to a bloated look. These and other sweet snacks are extra calories you don’t need.

Avoid alcohol

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Cocktails and other alcoholic drinks contains calories without giving the body any significant nutrients. Best avoid in the run-up to the beach trip.

Avoid Fizzy drinks

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Carbonated drinks are packed with sugar and air bubbles. The sugar from the fizzy drinks gives you calories while the air bubbles release air in your digestive system cause a bloated stomach. Both are things you don’t need.