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How to get the most out of your spa visit

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Here are some ways we can do to help us get the most out of our spa visit.

Choose the appropriate spa venue

We are spoilt with choices when it comes to spa options. Finding the appropriate spa venue to suit our needs is made that much easier since most spas post their treatment menus on their official websites. And any queries are just a phone call away!

Be in the right mood

Clear your schedules as much as possible so you don’t feel rushed. A heavy schedule will cloud your mind and affect your ability to relax and unwind. Best to arrive early, so you are not rushed.

Reserve Early

Especially for resort spas, try to map out your timing and reserve your desired time slots early. It can avoid unnecessary stress and annoyance.

Arrive early

Aim to be early for your spa visit, as filling in forms on your first visit, changing to robs and even welcoming rituals can take time. This will also give you a chance to discuss the various treatments to find the one that suits you for that visit.  


Discuss with your spa attendant your concerns and what you have to achieve from your trip. Have the experience cater to your liking to optimize your spa visit.

Make the most out of promotions and tie-ins

Some spas, either as promotions or for hotel/resort guests, may offer free use of certain facilities such as saunas, Jacuzzi or the pool.  

Not on a full stomach

Have a light meal at least an hour or so before your spa appointment to avoid discomfort.

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