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How to groom your eyebrows

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Eyebrows are a prominent feature on a man’s face. They can be distracting when they are unruly. The key to grooming a man’s brows is to keep them neat and tidy. Here are a few simple steps to keep your brows neat and groomed.

eyebrow tools
Left to right: tweezer, borw scissors, angled brush, spooly, brow comb/brush combo, eyebrow pencil

Set the perimeters

Take something straight like a pencil and align it with the widest part of your lower nose with the corner of your inner eye. Where the eyebrow meets the edge of the pencil is where your brow should start. Use the same pencil and align it from the same point of the nose to the outer corner of your eye. Where the eyebrow meets the edge of the pencil is where your eyebrow should end. Do the same for the other brow.

To remove the stray hairs, you have the option of an eyebrow razor or a tweezer. For beginners, the later is recommended. Clean between the two start points of your two brows (above the nose) to avoid the appearance of a unibrow. Tidy up after the end points of your brow and do so for the other side.

The aim is to keep the brows neat, determine the general shape of your brows and tweezer out stray hairs below and above the brows that are away from main part of your brows. Care should be given to symmetry of the brows.

For Sparse Eyebrows

Comb your brows with either a spooly or a brow comb and determine if you need to trim your brows to keep the general shape.

For those who are blessed with thick eyebrows, a brow-gel is an option to keep your eyes in shape. Those with relatively sparse brows may need the help of an eyebrow pencil to fill-in the brows for a thicker look. Try using the thin eyebrow pencils for a more natural effect. Use small strokes in the direction of your hair growth to mimic natural hairs, slowly fill-in the brows between the start point and the end point of your brows.