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How to Keep Your Hands Looking Young

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Your hands can show your age, and constant care at an early stage is important in keeping them looking young. It is often the tell-tale sign to your age more so than your face as a large amount of time and effort are devoted to taking care of facial skins. Furthermore, the skin on the back of our hands is thin and they often come into contact with more chemicals as we use them to clean.

As we age, the skin thins and fat reduces on your hands, leading wrinkles forming. Usage with chemicals stripping it of its natural oils and exposure to the sun aids the development of age spots.

To keep them looking young, start a good hand-care routine early and consistently.

Keep them moisturized

Keep a handy hand cream with you all the time to replenish moisture to your hands throughout the day. This is especially helpful as frequent washings strip natural oils from our hands.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Protect your hands as much as possible from harsh chemicals by:

  • Wearing gloves when cleaning with household detergents
  • Avoid harsh soaps for washing hands

Protect from the Sun

Harmful sun rays age our skin. Our hands are often exposed to the skin without much sun protection, especially if you drive. Use a sunscreen protector on your hands and re-apply regularly, especially when you are soon-to-be outdoors.


Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.

Pamper your hands

Pamper your hands once a while with treatments. While you are putting on a sheet mask on your face, consider using a hand mask on your hands at the same time! Or schedule a paraffin treatment once a while for super-soft hands. It is a heat therapy using warm oil-based wax that increases blood circulation to your hands, opens pores and moisturizes the skin on your hand.  

Avoid Smoking

Smoking speeds up the ageing processes in your skin. It is cumulative and will not show immediately. The longer and more frequent smoking speeds up signs of ageing such as wrinkles, skin sagging and uneven skin tones. Holding cigarettes the same way over the years will lead to staining of the skin on those areas. A yellowing of the skin, stained from nicotine and tar, may eventually be visible.