Here are a few tips to help make your makeup last longer in the day. The key factor is in the application.

1. Exfoliate for Smoother Skin

Makeup lasts longer on smooth skin. Exfoliation on a regular interval to avoid flaking and caking of your makeup on the skin. Use a gentle face scrub. For those with dry or sensitive skin, use a basic cleanser but buff with a soft cleansing sponge.

2. Don’t over-moisturize

Makeup can slide off from an oily face. When using a light day cream or oil, let it sit on the face for 15 minutes before applying your base. Blot the excess product with a tissue if you’re in a rush for the next step.

3. Primer

Primers that contains silicone not only smooths over pores and fine lines, but they also prevent your skin’s oils from breaking down your makeup.

4. Light layers of products

Apply thin layers of products. We tend to put on too much foundation and concealer when using our fingers. Use a damp sponge or brush to apply foundation in thin layers. Thin layers of foundation will last longer than a thick layer. Use a brush or the pointy tip of the sponge to apply concealer.

5. Layer cream with powder products

To encourage powders to stay longer, apply a cream formula followed by powder to intensify the colour. This works for blush and eyeshadow. The same principle applies to eyeliners. Use a liquid liner or cream pencil, followed by an eyeshadow.

6. Set with translucent powder

Translucent powder sets your makeup without changing the colour. Apply with a very big fluffy brush.

7. Blotting papers

Use blotting papers in place of applying more powder during the day to control shine. Reapplying powder may cake and make your skin look dry. If you need extra powder, apply with a brush instead of a sponge so you get a sheer finish.