Sun Care Tips

How to Maximize your Sunscreen Protection

Categories : Wellness

We may be under a false sense of security believing our sunscreen we have just applied are protecting us but if they are not applied correctly, as the protection level reduces.

Maximum sun care protection by the proper application of sunscreen. Here is a list of common sunscreen mishaps we might be doing: 

Only applying sunscreen before heading outdoors

Sunscreen takes approximately 15-30 minutes for your skin to absorb. Wearing sunscreen just before stepping into the sun means the sunscreen is not at its optimal.

Not applying enough sunscreen

Not applying enough will spread the sunscreen too thinly on your skin. This will render the sunscreen to protect your skin, not at the full benefit of the SPF protection. 

Applying sunscreen once

Sunscreen has to be reapplied over the course of the day to remain effective. Even “waterproof, “long-acting” or “sweatproof” sunscreen can wear off over time. 

Not checking the expiration date

An expired bottle of sunblock is less effective in protecting your skin. Its active ingredients deteriorate and become less effective. Furthermore, germs contaminate opened bottles.

Believing that higher SPFs have more protection

It is a commonly held belief that using a sunscreen with a high SPF protects you more. However, high SPF products usually have higher chemical content which you may not need. Furthermore, the numbers after the SPF labels can be confusing