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How to Spice up Your Looks for the Good Vibes Music Festival 2019

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The Good Vibes Music Festival is around the corner on 20th and 21st July. The fun-fill festival is a great time to wear over the top looks! Here are some tips to help you spice up your look for the Music Festival.

Hair Glitter

Add some glitter to your hair! Let your hair gleam when it catches the light. Try the IGK House Party Electro, delivering glitter as a hair spray.

Picture from IGK website,

Hair Colour

Brighten up your look with colourful hair. Have fun with either temporary spray-on colours or colourful hair extensions.

Colour Eyebrows

Pictures from Kat Von D website,

Try something new with colourful eyebrows for a fun pop of colour. Kat Von D’s 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade has numerous shades to choose from.

Face Gems

Embellish your looks with face gems. A very popular festival makeup look that glamours you up instantly.

Picture from Spotlight website,
Picture from Lovisa website,

False Eyelashes

Finish off your look with false eyelashes for a dramatic effect!