If you’re starting to feel tired of donning the same hairstyle, growing facial hair or beard is one of the ways to spice up your usual look. Unfortunately, by the time your unruly beard has started to grow out of hand, reality hits you hard as it means a lifetime commitment to grooming it frequently.  Plus, this bushy glory means that you need to put in extra work to make your beard look kempt throughout the day. Similar to your precious mane, your beard needs a regular grooming routine too specifically trimming. Although the majority of the men prefer to leave it to the professionals, the fast-paced lifestyle that we’re living means less time for some TLC at the barbershop. Fret not as trimming your beard is actually super easy even though you’re not a pro. Tired of scrolling through the internet but still haven’t found an easy guide on how to trim your beard at home? Ahead we have listed a step by step guide on how to trim your beard properly. 

Step By Step Guide on How To Trim Your Beard Properly

Step 1: Wash It With Shampoo

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Before any trimming session, it is important that you cleanse your beard to remove any impurities, dirt and excess oil. It is recommended that you opt for a beard shampoo since it is specifically formulated for beards. If you want to amp it up a little bit, you can proceed by applying beard conditioner to soften the hair. Plus conditioner also helps to make your beard more manageable, thereby making it easier for you to trim it. Below we have listed a few options for beard shampoo and conditioner.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

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Murdock London Beard Conditioner

Price: RM96.50

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Horace Beard Shampoo

Price: RM64.67

Where to buy: Horace official website

Step 2: Hydrate With Beard Moisturiser

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Although beard moisturiser is regarded as insignificant, it delivers amazing benefits that can actually fortify the hair strand and prevent dry skin around the beard. If you have always wanted a lustrous beard, moisturiser is the way to go. Simply apply the beard moisturiser all over your facial hair.  

L’Oréal Paris Men Expert 3-Day Beard Moisturizer

Price: RM41.64

Where to buy: Amazon

Dior Sauvage Moisturizer For Face And Beard

Price: RM250.00

Where to buy: Dior official website

Step 3: Brush It Out

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Once your beard has dried out, take a brush and comb your scruff accordingly. It does not only make it much easier for you to trim your beard, but it also will highlight the section of the hair that needs to be trimmed. If you have a beard brush, any single teeth comb will work wonders.

Step 4: Trim It All

Photo by Mídia on Pexels

We’ve come to the part that we all have been waiting for, trimming the beard. Before you start to trim, make sure that you select suitable beard guards or attachments. One pro tip is to pick an attachment that is suitable for your facial hair type. Take a beard trimmer then slowly trim the hair evenly depending on the preferred length. For areas that require more time to trim including the edges, you should use light strokes. Once done, grab a scissor to snip off any stray hairs to ensure an even finish. One of the primary concerns when it comes to trimming the beard is to retain its shape, if you’re feeling unsure make sure to leave slightly longer hair around the chin and shorter hair on the side.

Step 5: How To Trim Neckline?

Photo by alexandre saraiva carniato on Pexels

Indeed, it is one of the trickiest parts of trimming the beard. In fact, if you decide to search it up, you will notice that how to trim the neckline tops the chart. Since the neckline is a sensitive area, we suggest you look in the mirror to determine the area where the neckline ends. One pro tip to know the centre of the neckline is by simply placing your finger right above the adam’s apple. Then trim facial hair starting from the centre of the neckline downward and proceed to do the same on both sides. 

Step 6: Finish It Off With Beard Cream or Aftershave

Photo by The Nix Company on Unsplash

You’re almost done! To finish the routine, simply apply any beard cream or aftershave to soothe any irritation. As a finishing touch, you can work through the beard to style it in your preferred shape. 

L’Occitan After Shave Balm

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The Body Shop Maca Root & Aloe Calming Post-Shave Water-Gel For Men

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