Maro 3D Volume Up Shampoo Cool

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In addition to menthol, the 3S CONTROL formulates a gently warming “cool action” ingredient. Just like putting salt on watermelon, the contrast effect gives you a long-lasting, delightful cooling feeling.

A dry scalp can cause itchiness and flakes. Keep your scalp moisturized and balanced to prevent itchy, flaking skin for a healthy scalp environment.

Deep cleans clogged pores while retaining moisture and promoting a healthy scalp environment.

The blend of ingredients works synergetically to give a distinctive fortifying and lifting sensation resembling styling agents. When rinsing, the volume-boosting/styling ingredients coat the hair in a thin veil, enabling hair to stand up from the roots.

Compared with those from conventional MARO shampoos that approached the outer hair to add hair volume, the newly formulated 3D Hair Core Repair ingredients penetrate deeper into the hair shaft to revive hair and scalp. Three types of hair repairing ingredients breathe new life into weakened, thinning hair caused by aging and hair-damaging factors by tentatively coating each hair strand with a supporting film to reinforce your hair from within.


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