Ahalo Butter Premium Scalp Care & Relaxing


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Ahalo Butter Premium Scalp Care & Relaxing Set gives you effortlessy glide your fingers through your hair from root to tip.

A blend of abundant natural ingredients for managing the scalp environment in addition to five types of butter and fresh collagen Washes off sebum that causes odor while also wiping away the dirt that tends to remain. Creating healthy and beautiful hair by promoting blood circulation.

Ahalo Butter Premium Scalp Care & Relaxing Shampoo

A non-silicon shampoo featuring dense foam that gently wraps the scalp and the hair and washes off stubborn dirt and sebum with ghassoul.

Ahalo Butter Premium Scalp Care & Relaxing Treatment / Conditioner

A treatment that creates smooth hair that allows your fingers to glide through the hair, by supplementing abundant moisture which fills to the ends of the damaged hair.

Ahalo Butter Premium Scalp Care & Relaxing Hair Mask

Intensive repair of hair that has sustained severe damage, with thick and rich texture.Hair mask for managing rough hair by making it smooth to the ends.

How to :

1. Apply to wet hair and massage into a rich lather

2. Rinse thoroughly and follow with Conditioner (Treatment) and/or hair mask

Fresh raw collagen, keratin, plant based butter and oils, fruits and herbs, milk and honey.


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