Claire Organics Bubbly Soap Saving Pouch (1 pair)


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Bubbly Soap Saving Pouch 

Essentially the best buddy of your handcrafted soaps.

Use it to lather up (foam up instantly!), protect and hang dry your soap. At the same time it mildly exfoliates your skin.
(Time to ditch that soap dish!)

✨ Colour options:
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  • Blue 💙
  • Pink 💗
  • Lilac 💜

1. Insert soap into soap pouch

2. Add water, lather the foam

3. Use the whole thing (soap in the pouch with foam) to scrub direct on your skin: help to cleanse and exfoliate at the same time

4. Once completely scrubbing all your skin, rinse well

5. Hang the soap (in the pouch) to dry

6. Because, dry your soap each time after use, your soap will last longer



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