DEJAVU Lash Up Mascara Black


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Uses a newly developed Smooth Fit Film that is more adhesive and even smoother. The formula catches and holds onto even fine, short lashes. The film fluid is less viscous and even smoother, so the ultra-thin film layer can coat and separate the lashes without clumping. Uses an ultra-slim brush that captures lashes from the base so each lash is coated. The film type formula does not smudge and comes off quickly and easily with warm water.

  • Curl lashes before applying. Align the curve of the brush with your lash line and move the brush straight from root to tip
  • Repeat first step for extra volume. Continue doing so until you reach desired effect
  • To achieve a lasting curl, wait for the film formula to completely dry on your lashes before curling with an eyelash curler
  • Gently rub the residue off with a cotton swab after it is completely dry. The film will easily peel off with out smearing.


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