Sho-Bi Decorative Eyelash


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Fairy tale eyelash series for everyday beauty, super popular in Japan. Comes in 6 variants to suit all occasions.

Step 1: Trim both ends based on your lashes' length and shape of your eyes. 

Step 2: Apply glue on the back and tip of the fake lashes's root to allows stronger security

Step 3: Stick both end then only the center part. Follow your eye liners to ensure the best natural effect

Step 4: Use lash curler to helps to make the fake lashes have the same curl as your lashes. 

Step 5: Apply mascara to combine both fake and real lashes.

Step 6: Minor adjustment on the detail to make it look perfect

How to remove: Soak cotton bud with make up remover and rub lightly on the fake lashes root. Once its loose, remove the fake lashes gently  from the end to front. Remove the remaining glue on the fake lashes and making it flat using your finger. Store it in the container



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