Venna Indox – Best Detox Drink


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Best Detox Drink – Venna Indox  Fruits Veggie Enzyme

Cert included: GMP, HACCP, ISO, NOT, HALAL, 2 Million Insurance protected

Can you keep on ignoring while toxin keep on growing every day?

8 hazards when toxins accumulated in your body

1.     Obesity

2.     Constipation

3.     Poor Immune System

4.     Nutritional Malabsorption

5.     Acne

6.     Bad Breath

7.     Serious Pregnancy Reaction

8.     Hardly Pregnant

Why Is There Stubborn Stool


       Lack of exercise

       Body Dehydrates

       Unhealthy Eating habit

All You Need Is ENZYME. Why?

How Much of Enzyme left in your body?

Human body has certain amount of enzyme. As time pass, the amount will reduce day by day.

If the daily compensation is not enough, it will accelerate the loss of enzyme.

Enzymes are keys of all nutrients.

9 Benefits of Venna Indox Fruits Veggie Enzyme

1.     Detoxification

2.     Liver Protection

3.     Cell Revitalization

4.     Beauty & Wellness

5.     Boost Immunity

6.     Enhance Digestion and Nutrient absorption

7.     Increase daily dietary fiber intake

8.     Reduce excessive fats and water

9.     Supply essential nutrients

 1 Bottle ( 10 Sachets x 15g )

Direction of use:

1.     Mix 1 sachet into shaker with 200ml plain water.

2.     Shake well & consume immediately.

Ingredient list: Apple fiber, Oat & Wheat fiber, raspberry, plum berry, multienzyme, aloe vera, green tea, wheatgrass. Galactooligosaccharide, mixed fruits powder


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