Venna Rice Spa – Acne Skin Solution


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Having Acne Problem?

Let’s Rice Spa help you out!

Back to beauty in 7 days!

Cert included: GMP, HACCP, ISO, NOT, HALAL, 2 Million Insurance protected

Do you know the RIGHT Way to solve your acne?

6 Steps to say GOOD BYE to your acne skin

1st Step: Exfoliation & Deep Cleanse

2nd Step: Soothing , Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Inflammatory

3rd Step: Get Rid for Acne Skin

4th Step: Speed Up Wound Healing

5th Step: Fade Scars

6th Step: Improve Skin Immunity

Rice Spa – Natural Remedies to solve your Acne skin as Fast as Possible

1st Step: Rice Enzyme – Exfoliation & Deep Cleanse

2nd Step: Peppermint Essential Oil – Soothing , Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Inflammatory

3rd Step: Tea tree oil – Acne Fighter

4th Step: Aloe Vera Extract – Speed Up Wound Healing

5th Step:  Rice Enzyme – Fade Scars

6th Step: Seaweed Extract –  Improve Skin Immunity

5 FREE System

No Talc

No Artificial Coloring

No Raw Animal Materials

No Mineral Oil

No Artificial Fragrant

Ideal for

       Shiny oily skin

       Acne and sensitive skin

       Dry skin caused by sebum decrease

       All skin types

 1 Bottle ( 7 Sachet x 8g )

Ingredient list: Oryza Sativa Enzyme Powder, Avena Sativa Powder, Multigrain Powder, Polyphenols, Glycine Soja Extract, Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Autralia Tea Tree Oil, Mentha Piperita Oil, Multi Enzyme

Direction of use:

STEP 1: Mix one sachet of rice scrub into 12ml water, stir well until it becomes a smooth paste.

STEP 2: Gently massage on face with fingertips using circular movement.

STEP 3: Leave for 10-20 mins and rinse off with water.


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